PanAtlantic Associates on Hiring Successfully During a Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is still causing massive problems for businesses on a global scale. Unemployment in the US still remains at a historically high level, two months after it peaked at an all-time high of 14.7 percent. Despite the current unemployment numbers reaching 48 million, Pan Atlantic Associates is not being affected by the downturn. We will be hiring 100 new staff members during the month of July.

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PanAtlantic Explains Using Technology to Propel Your Business

During the current global pandemic, many companies that are used to more traditional modes of operation are turning to modern approaches instead. We’re already in the throes of a digital revolution, but now more than ever, being able to engage with that is key to success. Here at Pan Atlantic Associates, we’ve been integrating technology with traditional business methods for a long time. Our recruitment department has taken some great strides on integrating technology. We have 100 new positions to be filled, so moving our recruitment process to a virtual format has aided our growth tremendously. For companies that are newer to the game, we can offer some insights into how to use technology to deliver more value to your customers, clients, and even your employees.

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PanAtlantic Explains How to Keep Remote Workers Motivated

Not so long ago, remote work was considered a job perk or a benefit. Something optional to reward employees, which wasn’t that beneficial to the company. However, in recent times companies are starting to realize that the arrangement has many benefits for them too. Indeed, during this time of global pandemic, it may be more of a necessity for some companies, than an option.

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PanAtlantic Associates Reaffirms Commitment To Inclusion and Diversity

Dennis Muilenburg once stated “Our commitment to integrity, our commitment to diversity and inclusion, to respecting our teammates — that’s what makes this business work.” Setting a diverse workplace in your company is the first step everyone should do when starting a business. Bringing together people from different backgrounds and a unique mindset opens up more opportunities within the company. Thankfully this is the mindset we have followed along our path at PanAtlantic Associates. This mindset has helped us grow our company to maximum potential thanks to the help of our diverse team.

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How to Boost Your Training for Remote Workers

Many companies have been allowing employees to work remotely for a long time. In this time of the pandemic, those companies may have gained an advantage over their competition. For the rest of the business world, it may be a time of uncertainty. Big changes necessitate rapid adjustment. Especially when companies were unable to prepare in advance for the transition. Here at Pan Atlantic, we have been advising many of our clients on how to manage and train remote workers during this time.

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How a Pandemic Can Inform Your Business Model

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of problems for the global economy. Faced with a decline in sales, and a dwindling customer base, many businesses are closing. Those that remain open see their supply chains interrupted and new safety regulations crippling their current business strategies.

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PanAtlantic Reveal the Benefits of Online Consultations

Nothing in life is more important than our health, and so businesses and health organizations are always looking for new ways to make health care solutions more effective, and more efficient. New technology and new ways of doing this will revolutionize health provision in the 21st century, and studies are showing that’s exactly what patients are looking for. A recent survey by DJS Research revealed the concern that patients have with hospital acquired infections. Here, Pan Atlantic look at the survey, and consider a modern solution.

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PanAtlantic Explain Why Investing In People Will Create A Positive Return

Life is a full circle, and everything gets returned. Besides being used mostly in philosophic or spiritual practices, this motto is true in reality in the most basic form, for example, how we help others in life, will determine how others treat us back. So CEO Justin Cobb of PanAtlantic uses this motto in business, and he believes that it works the same whether it’s colleagues, clients, customers or investors, etc.

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