During the current global pandemic, many companies that are used to more traditional modes of operation are turning to modern approaches instead. We’re already in the throes of a digital revolution, but now more than ever, being able to engage with that is key to success. Here at Pan Atlantic Associates, we’ve been integrating technology with traditional business methods for a long time. Our recruitment department has taken some great strides on integrating technology. We have 100 new positions to be filled, so moving our recruitment process to a virtual format has aided our growth tremendously. For companies that are newer to the game, we can offer some insights into how to use technology to deliver more value to your customers, clients, and even your employees.

Data-Driven Design

In modern times, we are able to garner more data about our customers and products than we ever thought possible. Many companies use these data to get an idea about their market share, or demographics. They might even look for patterns in purchasing and try to streamline that flow. But we should be using data in a holistic way, to drive and inform every step of our business model. If you know what your customer buys, then you know what they want. Here at Pan Atlantic Associates, we analyze every piece of information to better understand not just how to sell to our customers, but how to create for them.

Always Simplify

When companies add technology to their workflow, they often add layers of complication to processes that were already simple. They move from filling in a form and placing it in a file, to typing in information on three different systems, with no clear idea of how that actually saves them any time or energy. The goal of any technology should always be to simplify or shorten a task. Identify the parts of your business where time is being wasted. Leave the rest alone.

At Pan Atlantic Associates, we regularly advise our clients on ways in which they can save time and energy in their business, which they can devote to more important things. Like improving their relationships with customers, or improving their products.