Corporate Responsibility

It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”

— Sir Josiah Stamp

Our commitment to revolutionizing the world starts with our corporate responsibilty to our people, community, environment, and governance.

Where we emphasize our change

Change continues to be the predominant factor impacting our industry. Changing consumer behaviors, transformational digital technologies, increasing media channels and hyper-connectivity are driving our business, and business models.

In response to the shifting marketplace, we continue to streamline PanAtlantic’s model to allow us to deliver clients a single point of access to our thousands of industry specialists in specific areas of focus.


Our people deliver big ideas, powerful branding and award-winning campaigns built on deep consumer insights and fueled by their boundless creativity. Together we are a richly diverse community that is reflected in the work we produce for clients worldwide.

  • We have developed a people-first model where we emphasize on professional development, inclusion and personal growth.

  • We launched our “Women in Business” program, where we empower women to lead, take onto management and training roles and develop their potential.

  • We’ve established workplace professionalism and  sexual harassment prevention training for all our employees in the
    United States.


Our commitment to serving the communities where we work and live is long-standing. We contribute our passion, creativity and time to support causes that advance global education, equity and environmental protection – all of which are more important than ever.

  • We provided pro bono consulting and fundraising for local charities both in New York and Atlanta.

  • We helped build more resilient communities worldwide through our volunteer work where we live and work, and through voluntary contributions nationwide.

  • We created the PanAtlantic Holiday Program where we gifting presents to the less fortunate.


When it comes to the environment, we view sustainability as an opportunity to promote innovation. We are committed to reducing the impact of our activities across our networks and agencies. We empower our global teams to take action to increase efficiency and reduce waste in ways that address environmental priorities in their local environments.

  • We strive to reduce year over year avoidable energy use by more than 2%

  • We reduced our company-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2019 compared to 2018. This reduction is achieved in business travel emissions, down significantly compared to 2018.

  • We reduced our use of paper and other forms of single-use materials and we aim to be  ninety percent paperless by Q4 of 2021.


We have demonstrated a commitment to further strengthening our governing structure, having built a leadership team with exceptional experience and diverse points of view, and ensuring that we are upholding the highest ethical standards across our networks and agencies.

  • Continued diverse representation on our Leadership Team through our “Women in Business” and Management Training Programs

  • Achieved our goal to establish business ethics training for our  employees by the end of Q1 2020

  • We developed the Leadership Development Program for our upper-management team so that they can better handle any queries and issues accordingly.

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