Diversity & Inclusion

Strenght lies in differences, not similarities”

— Stephen R. Covey

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion starts here.

How we achieve inclusion and diversity

We are committed to fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces where all employees, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or experience feel comfortable and confident in bringing their whole selves to work.

Across our offices, we promote awareness, acceptance and advocacy of our diverse communities, creating opportunities for leadership, visibility, networking and business development for all.


PanAtlantic touches thousands of lives. From research and canvassing, to development, testing and finally selling products and services on behalf of our clients, communities nationwide are impacted by what we do. This is a big responsibility. We want to make sure we have a positive influence, not only in our own operations but in society as a whole.


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We believe that diversity makes us more creative, more innovative and more entrepreneurial. It’s also good for fostering new ideas and helps us to grow as a business. Not only is it important to ensure non-biased practices when we recruit new team members, it’s also important that we continue the dialogue about everyone’s worth both within and outside our company.

Our commitment to make hiring decisions focused on qualifications have created a culture of unity and inclusion, where everyone feels welcomed, where everyone feels at home.


Since our incorporation and establishing our secondary base in Atlanta, PanAtlantic has catalyzed the number and influence of women leaders across our networks and agencies. We continue to increase the number of women in leadership positions across our company, and our business is stronger due to their growing numbers and contributions.

In addition to an expanding reach, the Empowering Women Program is becoming increasingly rich. Around the world, members are deepening their skills and networks at:

  • Summits: our annual Women in Business Summit focuses on inspiring and activating women in leadership. Our Barcelona Summit last year, which welcomed more than 50 women to a week-long of workshops, discussions and reflection along with talks from inspirational and diverse speakers

  • Workshops, such as New York’s “Become PanAtWoman” and Atlanta’s “Business Women” sessions, to help women develop capabilities and confidence

  • Mentorship, through events like 2019’s management summit in Chicago, where mentors and mentees from offices across the country were partnered by way of speed mentoring events.


Our “Everyone Welcomed” Initiative  has removed the requisite to be a university graduate to work at PanAtlantic. Our Human Resources department reports that the more inclusive criteria means that about one in five new hires now come from a non-traditional background.

Our “Employees-First Initiative” combines training and development from multiple disciplines and areas of study and compiles them into a 6-month course where employees at PanAtlantic can learn skills in management, coaching, training, finances, human resources, advertising, and more.

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