Not so long ago, remote work was considered a job perk or a benefit. Something optional to reward employees, which wasn’t that beneficial to the company. However, in recent times companies are starting to realize that the arrangement has many benefits for them too. Indeed, during this time of global pandemic, it may be more of a necessity for some companies, than an option.

A lot of strategies are out there to learn how to increase productivity or organize and manage remote workers. But what can we do as business leaders, to motivate them, and make them feel rewarded? Here at Pan Atlantic, we have remote workers and traditional workers. We have learned a few things over time about how we can motivate in both cases.

Research has shown that remote workers are on average happier than office workers. However, they almost always are people who are self-motivated. Not providing them with the tools to harness their own motivational skills would be a big mistake.

The number one thing that remote workers need is effective communication tools. If they are not kept in the loop, and given a clear line of communication to the company, they will falter. Keeping them in the loop reminds them that they’re part of something bigger. It reminds them that what they have with the business is not just a job, but a relationship.

In addition to this, they need clearly defined goals. Expectations need to be clear, and both the worker and the company need to be on the same page. With this in place, the company and the worker can travel in one direction, unified, even in times when communication falters.

At Pan Atlantic, we place emphasis on results, not on how things are done. We motivate all of our employees to look at the bigger picture and both learn from us, and teach us, how we can improve and move forward.