Life is a full circle, and everything gets returned. Besides being used mostly in philosophic or spiritual practices, this motto is true in reality in the most basic form, for example, how we help others in life, will determine how others treat us back. So CEO Justin Cobb of PanAtlantic uses this motto in business, and he believes that it works the same whether it’s colleagues, clients, customers or investors, etc.

CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic has been personally training and developing business owners and entrepreneurs for most of his career, and he says, “most people assume that businesses grow by investing more money into an already existing one. However, I believe that people are the number one cause of growth and success of any company.” In this world, sadly, people are so quick to strip others of their confidence and doubt their abilities, plans and ideas, universally we all recognize this, so what are the most valuable things a mentor can give to his students? People need faith, encouragement, and trust to thrive. For any CEO who invests in his workers in the same way, rather than only invest in the business, he will see the return on investment, as the cycle completes and those people later return skills, dedication, and loyalty to the company, which ultimately helps it to grow.

Everything we say and do determines what’s going to happen to us in the future, and it is the basic understanding of how the law of cause and effect works. So a good question to ask yourself would be, what do you want your future to look like? What kind of person would you like to be? How do you want people to treat you in your job? By recognizing this early on, you will come to understand that you need to be putting in positive actions that will, in turn, create positive reactions in the future.