At this time of economic uncertainty, many people are waking up to the reality of the corporate world. Many traditional career paths claim to offer job security, growth, and advancement. But in times of crisis, employees find themselves being furloughed, demoted, or even just let go.

However Direct Sales companies like Pan Atlantic Associates are doing better than ever. In fact, we’re committed to hiring 100 new people in July, continuing our growth as one of the leaders in Direct Sales. What are some of the benefits of working in Direct Sales?

Low Barrier to Entry

Direct Sales is a job that can be picked up and even mastered by anyone who is willing to put in the work. Previous experience and education is unimportant. You can enter at any level of experience, and have just as much chance of success as the next person. Your success will depend on your work ethic.

Control Your Income

Direct Sales gives performance-based rewards. Most people in the Direct Sales industry earn well above the average compared to other industries. And if you feel like you’re not earning enough, you can give yourself a pay rise, simply by working harder.


In Direct Sales, you dictate your success as its based on your work ethic. Pan Atlantic Associates offers upward progression and promotes from within, so if an employee wants to start taking on more responsibility managing campaigns or new territories the opportunity is available due to client demand.

Skill Growth

Direct Sales uses a wide range of skills that you will learn and develop along your journey. Even if you don’t choose to stick at it, you’ll gain priceless skillsets that will stick with you for life. Planning, time management, motivation, sales, speaking skills, coaching, sales techniques, even personal skills like greater self-confidence.

Pan Atlantic Associates is currently hiring at least 100 new members of our Direct Sales team during the month of July. Why wait to find out if Direct Sales could be your bridge to a better career?