The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of problems for the global economy. Faced with a decline in sales, and a dwindling customer base, many businesses are closing. Those that remain open see their supply chains interrupted and new safety regulations crippling their current business strategies.

Here at Pan Atlantic Associates, we have quickly learned that it’s adapt or die in this current climate, so much so that we are looking to fill 100 new positions within the company. We have a large client base, and almost all of them have continued to trade during the pandemic. But the ones who not only carried on but actually thrived, are the clients who were able to completely adjust their business model to react to the new conditions. Many are retooling or reconfiguring their production chains to meet current needs. Two of our clients are good examples of this.

The first client has adjusted their prescription drug business to make deliveries of prescriptions that allow the customer to never leave the house. In this way, their business can thrive during the pandemic, and they can also provide a much-needed service. On top of this, the company can look to test out ways to streamline their future services so that they come out of the pandemic better off, and their customers do too.

Another client that we now work with is offering a subscription service for water deliveries. This is the perfect time to offer a simple, flexible solution for providing access to much-needed supplies. Crucially, customers don’t need to expose themselves to potential infections in order to restock.

Many companies are focusing on survival during this pandemic. Here at Pan Atlantic Associates, we are inspired to focus on reinvention and growth, in order to come out of the pandemic stronger. To do this, we learn from our clients as much as they learn from us.

Constant reevaluation and adjustment will be the key to business success. Despite the current downturn, Pan Atlantic Associates is committed to hiring 100 new staff during the month of July, and we will continue to grow in the future.