The COVID-19 pandemic is still causing massive problems for businesses on a global scale. Unemployment in the US still remains at a historically high level, two months after it peaked at an all-time high of 14.7 percent. Despite the current unemployment numbers reaching 48 million, Pan Atlantic Associates is not being affected by the downturn. We will be hiring 100 new staff members during the month of July.

Pan Atlantic Associates is one of those businesses. We recently started a new hiring initiative, to provide as many jobs as possible during these troubling times. Despite the challenges, we have hired over 100 people in a short period of time, and we’re still finding top talent every day.

Using technology is of paramount importance when face-to-face interviewing becomes impossible. Interviewing by video call is the core of the strategy, but it doesn’t stop there. Having a clear line of communication is key. From the first email sent on receiving a resume, through clear lines of text and phone communication throughout, up until the interview stage.

With all this technology at play, it’s important to not lose sight of the human element in hiring. More than before, you really need to get a sense of who the person you’re hiring is, and not just what they can bring to the company. Company culture doesn’t stop being important because we’re in tough times. So a video call can stand to be a lot less formal and give the applicant a chance to show their personality more.

Thankfully, combining technology with a human touch is our specialty. Our global network of clients has put great faith in Pan Atlantic Associates during these times to provide an unwavering service. We’re certainly privileged to be given the green light to hire remotely, and given the trust that we will continue to find the best people for our clients.