Nothing in life is more important than our health, and so businesses and health organizations are always looking for new ways to make health care solutions more effective, and more efficient. New technology and new ways of doing this will revolutionize health provision in the 21st century, and studies are showing that’s exactly what patients are looking for. A recent survey by DJS Research revealed the concern that patients have with hospital acquired infections. Here, Pan Atlantic look at the survey, and consider a modern solution.

“In our work for our health sector client, we hear a lot about what patients really want, and about their everyday concerns”, said Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic. “This survey, although taken in the United Kingdom, correlates with the views of hospital users in the United States as well. Thankfully, modern solutions such as online consultations can help reduce the instances of hospital acquired infections, by lowering the exposure to them.”

Hospital acquired infections have become big news on both sides of the Atlantic in recent years. Patients go to hospital at times when they are vulnerable, and they quite rightly expect their time in hospital to make them better, not worse. Unfortunately, the rise of hospital ‘super bugs’ means that this isn’t always the case. The survey confirms the concern that patients have on this matter. They talked to 2,003 people, and found that over half would travel more than a hundred miles to avoid the risk of infection, if their local hospital had a high incidence rate of hospital acquired infections.

A huge 96% of respondents said that tackling hospital acquired infections should be one of the top ten priorities for hospitals. As well as being prepared to travel long distances to find an alternative, and better, hospital, more than three quarters of respondents said they’d demand to be transferred to another hospital if they found that the one they were at had a poor record when it came to hospital acquired infections.

“Avoiding infection in hospitals is quite understandably a priority for patients”, said Justin Cobb. “The best way to avoid them is to keep out of the hospital altogether. Online consultations can really help with this, by putting potential inpatients in touch with experts who will go through all of their symptoms online, and then find the most appropriate solution.”

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