“Think about it, most individuals have the tendency to stay away from any sort of change. If you try to go further and beyond your fears, you will notice that there’s some element of confidence behind fear,” says Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic. Changes have the ability to make you stronger and learn new things. We fear changes because we don’t want to feel the fear that makes us believe we’ll be inadequate. This is why we don’t take the step to venture out. “But, what about if we tried to understand and talk ourselves into pushing towards what scares you? Think about the possibilities and experiences you will encounter once you push past that comfort zone,” notes Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic. This step doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work for individuals to be able to set their mind up for this type of action.

At Pan Atlantic, we value the notion of discomfort. This is where our greatest potential and growth will derive from. Our representatives strive to make sure they are challenged every single day. “It’s in the factor of discomfort that we will find our way into growing. We’ve accumulated 3 mindsets that you can try out to see if you’re able to push past your fears and go beyond the comfort zone. Not only will this help you learn about yourself, but we are sure you will grow in many aspects personally and professionally,” mentions Justin Cobb of PanAtlantic.

Challenge & Try New Things

Sure, you may have certain way of doing things. You might take the same route to work or get the same coffee in the morning. Just because you do these things doesn’t mean they are wrong, but what about if you tried something new? Maybe took a new route to work out of curiosity or tried a new type of beverage for your mornings? By experimenting and challenging what you know, you’ve already started to learn more about yourself and have done some innovating.

Trust Realistic Concepts

This is a way to combat fear. Tell yourself that even if you didn’t like the new route you took, you’ll try something else tomorrow because the sun will rise again the next day. Each day you’re presented with real opportunities. For example, the past is in the past, people make mistakes, negativity is bad for health, the sun will come up tomorrow. These are things that should help you understand that even if you get out of your zone to try something new and didn’t like, it’s not the end of the world.

Question Everything

By having questions and curiosity, you will better your knowledge and develop critical thinking skills. “What can I do better to make sure I get more progress? “What should I do today that’s different than yesterday? Questioning helps you grow more than you can ever imagine. This is what will help your mindset change and make yourself stronger as well,” says Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic.