To be productive, we must focus, and to focus we must first decide how we receive or deflect incoming distractions which may lead us off course. Managing director Justin Cobb of New York-based marketing firm Pan Atlantic recently read an article which offered some practical tips for handling, maintaining our productivity effectively, when receiving updates throughout the working day.

Here at Pan Atlantic, managing director Justin Cobb believes that it’s beneficial to your time if you create a balance between working consistently and stopping for a brief moment to receive side notes; usually in the form of notifications and text messages. The article featured on suggests that you would be helping yourself by muting these kinds of interruptions by disabling message notifications for all apps and as a result, his will allow you to focus on the things that matter. Pan Atlantic’s managing director Justin Cobb strongly agrees with the article when it admits how present you are able to be without your phone or computer regularly demanding your attention.

Secondly, we can become more productive when we reduce the amount of tasks we are trying to complete. Yes, we feel more productive when we tally up the total number of jobs we have tackled in any given day at work. However, it is proven that to accomplish any single task we have to give our undying attention to only that one thing. The article on encourages us to pick one thing each day and take the time to deeply and truly observe it. Managing director Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic firmly believes that focusing your attention on your biggest goal is the most efficient way to feel more productive, as this you will feel positive about the tasks you have completed when they are building towards your most strongest desire. As opposed to dedicating 100 percent of your time and attention on tasks that seem mediocre, seem less important and make you feel stagnant instead of moving forwards.