Successful businesses, in all sectors, don’t get there through luck, but through careful strategy and hard work. That’s why entrepreneurs have to put thorough planning at the very heart of their business. Nowhere is this more important than in sales and marketing, where a well thought out and well executed campaign can provide a real boost to profits and attract new customers. Here, Pan Atlantic reveal the secrets of the sales process that has led to their success.

“We’re delighted at the success and the growth of our business, and we know that this will continue throughout 2020 and beyond”, said the director of Pan Atlantic. “This isn’t just great news for ourselves, of course, but for our clients as well. By providing a truly bespoke sales and marketing service, we ensure that our clients’ needs aren’t just met, they’re exceeded.”

The sales process that PanAtlantic employs begins with an in depth discussion with the client. They take time to get to know the client, and to understand what they really want. This also allows them to understand the core values of the client, which can then be communicated to consumers within the campaign. Expert market research is then undertaken, to gauge what the public want from the client, and what they see as the benefits of it. The information gathered from these two points, the client and consumers, is then aggregated to provide a highly tailored, and highly effective, campaign.

Successful marketing doesn’t happen by chance, but as a result of this careful planning process. Consumers have to be shown that the product or service being marketed offers them a new and valid solution to real problems that they’re experiencing. Once they’re convinced of this, it’s much more likely that they’ll make a purchase, and tell their friends and colleagues about the product or service as well. Direct marketing is a supremely effective way to do this, and it’s cost-effective as well.

“We’re proud to provide a carefully tailored and unique approach to each campaign, rather than a one size fits all approach”, said the director of PanAtlantic. “That’s why our campaigns achieve such great results. We also keep our clients in the loop at all times, so they can see the benefits in real time as the campaign progresses.”

Businesses across the United States, and beyond, can benefit from the direct marketing expertise of PanAtlantic. Their innovative sales campaigns generate high quality new customers and real brand growth.