Dreams are only a state of mind unless we start doing, and turn them into reality. Turning your dream into a reality isn’t achieved by waiting and hoping that by magic it will happen, but by converting it into a real vision and managing director Justin Cobb did this himself when starting up his well-established New York-based marketing firm, Pan Atlantic.

Self-made entrepreneur Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic says to achieve your dreams you need to begin by turning them into tangible outcomes. But how do you initiate the steps and habits to be able to do so? Managing director Justin Cobb looks at the habits which he follows in order to create success at Pan Atlantic, and why.

1. Prioritize

Setting out to obtain a goal which is challenging, but not impossible, motivates us to work towards it. Starting out with the ultimate aim as our absolute priority may seem like the obvious strategy, however, this can overshadow all of the smart goals which you need to set in order to build a means to an end. It may seem like you haven’t achieved much when you prioritize smaller goals, but you should focus on how they are adding to your capabilities and present themselves before the final dream is attainable.

2. Begin with the end in mind

When you begin with the end in mind and set an action plan, you can then start working in a backward motion and set provisional goals which advance you toward your dream. For example, Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic says, “By starting out with your end goal in mind, you can strategically build the foundations and lay the building blocks that will eventually get you there. Much like training to run a marathon.”

3. Dream Realistically

Of course, Justin Cobb advises us to dream big, but with sensibility in mind as you must make sure you are willing to put in the hard work and energy that comes with achieving your dream. For instance, if you are dreaming of being a master of parkour, you must be prepared to train in those conditions and attain the fitness needed to achieve this goal. Goal attainment is linked to current reality, but never impossible.