Building a recognised and respected brand is a key aim of all businesses. It’s an essential tool when trying to build customer loyalty, as consumers are likely to give their repeat business to brands that they know and trust. How can a business find out what customers really think of them, and whether their brand is creating a positive or a negative impression? Here, Pan Atlantic examine the power of brand perception surveys.

“What you think your brand means, and what consumers think your brand means, can be two different things”, said Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic. “That’s why it’s so important to get into the minds of consumers, and find out what they’re really thinking. Businesses that fail to do that, run the risk of further alienating consumers, as well as missing opportunities that could be out there waiting for them.”

The concept of a brand perception survey is an increasingly important one in the world of business today. There is more competition than ever before, and consumers are becoming more choice conscious. If they don’t find that your brand offers them exactly what they’re looking for, they’ll move on to one that does. Brand perception surveys allow an entrepreneur to accurately assess how their brand is viewed when compared to its competitors, and find out its true position in the market. It also reveals what brand attributes customers are looking for, and shows what your customers really think of you. By working with this wealth of data, a business can ascertain what criteria their customers value most, and create advertising campaigns based around the information from the survey.

Brand perception surveys can be posted online, or customers can be given forms to complete, either via mail or through a face to face interaction. The surveys can be even more useful when compared with data and feedback that a business is receiving from social media sites. These can both help you find out what customers are really thinking, rather than having to rely on assumptions or outdated historical evidence.

“Brand perception surveys can form a perfect starting point for a successful marketing campaign”, said Justin Cobb. “We are experts within our field, and can maximise the number of high quality responses received. That’s why it’s a service that we’re proud to offer to all our clients.”
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