As the global economy continues to improve, the need for a presence in a location from which global expansion becomes possible is paramount. Particularly in the marketing industry, overall growth in the economic sector presents the opportunity for a variety of new and impressive projects to be obtained in a variety of sectors. In order to expand horizons and accommodate a plethora of new clients, the expansion of office space becomes inevitable. Pan Atlantic announced recently its acquisition of new office space in the financial district of Manhattan as it positions itself for what the future offers.

There is a recent trend in the marketing world to focus expansion in a centralized fashion, thanks in large part to a growth in capability via electronic and digital communication. Professional marketing firms with a track record of success, however, caution against abandoning the need for physical expansion. The Director of Pan Atlantic, Justin Cobb, explained why physical expansion is so crucial. “Many marketing firms open their doors in cities and locations where growth from a global standpoint is not ideal. Expanding into new markets from which a global reach becomes possible – like Manhattan – allows the biggest brands in the world to find you as they travel from one world class city to the next”, he explained.

Pan Atlantic’s new expansion into Manhattan ensures that it will have 4,000 square feet of new space through which to conduct operations and connect with clients. Reports from clients, both new and old, suggest that the expansion has been viewed favorably and is a great investment of capital. Marketing agencies in particular must be able to tune into which trends are fads and which trends are truly disruptive to existing strategies. As a leading marketing firm, Pan Atlantic has concluded that the need for new office spaces around the world is a better investment from the perspective of client satisfaction than other strategies being discussed within the industry.

As more and more marketing agencies and firms navigate the conflicting waves of increasing opportunity and increasing competition, it will fall on the shoulders of leading firms like Pan Atlantic to lead the way. In order to make room for the new and growing opportunities available to all, tough decisions will have to be made. Firms that can afford to acquire new office space in the pursuit of expansion may find themselves more capable of seizing upon new clients and trends as they unfold.