Pan Atlantic Helps With Encouraging Productivity Post Christmas Holidays

PanAtlantic Helps With Encouraging Productivity Post-Christmas Holidays

The first day back to work after the Christmas period is sometimes expected to be a gloomy one, as many have fallen deep into a food coma and have been switched off for more than a few days, so the return to the office can be testing. Now, we appreciate that it isn’t even Christmas yet, and we sound a little premature discussing the new year, but a little forward thinking is never a crime, and for a busy business owner, father, and husband, planning ahead is vital for CEO of Pan Atlantic, Justin Cobb’s world. So don’t think we’re wishing the holidays away, but think of it as a lesson learned now, instead of when your neck deep in the new year noise.

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PanAtlantic On The Do’s Of Christmas For Company Directors

Christmas is a time of giving back, a time at the end of every year where rewards are given to show appreciation and concern for others around you. This doesn’t have to start outside of the workplace, as most of us are probably already planning our company Christmas party, usually put on and paid for by grateful management. Managing director Justin Cobb of innovative, NYC-based marketing firm Pan Atlantic shares with us his idea of how to do Christmas the right way, as the director of a successful business, and the leader of his team.

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