The first day back to work after the Christmas period is sometimes expected to be a gloomy one, as many have fallen deep into a food coma and have been switched off for more than a few days, so the return to the office can be testing. Now, we appreciate that it isn’t even Christmas yet, and we sound a little premature discussing the new year, but a little forward thinking is never a crime, and for a busy business owner, father, and husband, planning ahead is vital for CEO of Pan Atlantic, Justin Cobb’s world. So don’t think we’re wishing the holidays away, but think of it as a lesson learned now, instead of when your neck deep in the new year noise.

So, bosses, team leaders, and role models listen up, here’s what Justin Cobb of New York Marketing firm, Pan Atlantic suggests that you do in order to tackle the first day back.

A Warm Welcome

Schedule in a little staff meeting before the day starts, the first part of the morning should be about welcoming work-family home. CEO Justin Cobb says it’s critical that your team take the time to work on their professional relationships with one another, it’s important that everybody shares their holiday news and tells us all about their Christmas festivities. But keep it short and make sure the conversation doesn’t go astray or lose all focus and wind up taking longer than it needs. Afterward, the momentum and the working day should continue to run the same as any other.

New Year, New You

In the spirit of everything new, you should keep a similar theme in the office, as the last thing you want to happen is your team feeling like after the holidays, that they are returning to the ‘same old same old.’ So set new challenges for them, new incentives and make improvements where needed. This will influence positive change, promote progression and build satisfaction.

Power hour

Ever felt sluggish the first day back at work? The first day back may be a little harder due to the later nights, and the later starts some are used to having over the Christmas holidays. Having gotten accustomed to being at home, your team might slow down towards the end of the day. Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic appreciates that this happens, he suggests using the team’s urgency to finish to theirs and your advantage. Set a Power Hour challenge and challenge your team to meet their target within the hour so that in return they can finish an hour earlier for this one day.

Encouraging momentum is vital on the first day after the holidays, having a productive day will set the pace for the rest of the working week, by achieving goals and feeling motivated, your team will carry out the remainder of the week with the same mindset. Your team are valuable, and if shown how much, they’ll feel like winners on their first day back after Christmas.