This year’s World Cup games kicked off with an exciting start, with underdogs like England and Croatia are performing way above expectations and inspiring millions of World Cup Fans. Pan Atlantic and CEO Justin Cobb have been following the games and they compare the similarities to training as an entrepreneur and as an athlete in the World Cup games, both with sheer commitment and a winners attitude. Pan Atlantic trains entrepreneurs with the same competitive and consistent drive as an athlete, they strategize and create successful game plans, pour passion into team meetings and develops their entrepreneurs and helps them see straight past their limitations.

Live For The Win

While a World Cup championship is a long-term goal, it’s the little wins in the lead-up that count as well as the delayed gratification.


It’s not failure that will define a great athlete or salesperson, it’s how they react to those failures and move forward.

Dream Team

As an athlete, your role in the team constantly shifts – you’re asked to take the lead, drive performance, or simply fall into line behind someone else. This makes athletes invaluable to their company.

Leaders Of The Pack

5% of Fortune 500 Companies have CEO’s that played a college sport. Athletes have learned and developed leadership traits from an early age and it comes naturally for them to try and pass them on to their co-workers.

Athletes, football players, coaches, and entrepreneurs all train vigorously to increase and maintain their performance. At Pan Atlantic, we know that a successful entrepreneur must practice and learn more about their field, build habits to enhance their performance, keep a positive attitude and they must always outwork everybody else and consistently hit targets.