Often, when a business is in its infancy, the founder will do all of the jobs themselves. This includes financial planning, sourcing suppliers, finding customers, delivering orders, and much more. This can be very enjoyable and rewarding, although it will involve long hours and lots of hard work. There’s only so much that one person can do, however, and so if real growth is to be achieved, there comes a time when extra help will be needed. Here, Pan Atlantic look at the importance of recruitment for business growth.

“For a first time entrepreneur, the recruitment process can seem daunting, but it should be embraced rather than shied away from”, said the director of Pan Atlantic. “See it as an opportunity rather than a challenge. When you recruit the right person, or people, for your business, you’ll be able to produce more, leading to more profits. It’s a cycle that leads to real and sustained growth.”

When a business is in its infancy, the brand is based upon the core values and beliefs of the founder themselves. The business is run how they want it to be run, and in alignment with the targets that they set themselves when it was launched. It’s vital, therefore, that any new recruits fit in with this brand identity, and have sympathy with the values that are at the heart of the business. This is why careful consideration should be paid to resumes, and to references, but it’s even more important to consider how a client performs in an interview.

Innovation is a key element in business success, as it instantly gives you something that your opposition doesn’t have. During the interview process, ask yourself whether the potential recruits have an innovative side to them, and whether they’d be prepared to come to you with their suggestions and ideas. Finding employees like that, ones who are full of ideas and enthusiasm, is a great way to drive your business forward.

“Interviews are vitally important, you need to see if a candidate’s personality fits in with yours, and if they have the entrepreneurial, innovative attitude that can make a real difference to your business”, said the director of Pan Atlantic. “If possible, it can help to see them in a less formal environment as well, such as a business meeting or brainstorming session. It’s worth taking the extra time and effort to find the ideal recruit for your business.”

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