Being the managing director of a renowned direct marketing firm in New York, self made entrepreneur and leader Justin Cobb, knows all too well about the habits of a great leader.

Leading expert Justin Cobb, manages teams of over 100 people, mentoring individual entrepreneurs and leading hundreds of followers on Linkedin, Instagram and other social media platforms, where he leads as a public figure in his field.

“Being a leader is not just a title you have, being a leader is a skill, it’s a series of actions which you take every day, to manage and maintain the well being and success of your team, you do this by making those actions become a habit” explains Justin Cobb. “Being a leader you must always set the example, complete tasks to 100 percent, whether they are big or small, that way you set the expectations to the highest standard and your team will follow and – no shortcuts. Work hard, and do not delegate, you should never expect somebody to do something if they haven’t been shown how to by their leader. work with them, show them a positive can-do attitude and always be early, if you are not early, you’re late. Most importantly, a successful leader will build their team, character building is a positive way to show appreciation to somebody and this will give them confidence in their work. Encourage them, spend time with them and get to know them personally, and most importantly, you need to inspire them.” Explains Justin.

Self made entrepreneur, Justin Cobb hosts many leadership training seminars and workshops with many budding entrepreneurs who are leading teams across the marketing industry. He has years of experience and gives thanks to his leaders when he first started out in his field. “They showed me what was possible, I saw what I had to do and I got great at it, I observed my leaders and became like them, I showed people what was possible, and that’s what you have to do if you want people to follow you.” fantastic advice from Justin Cobb.