Pan Atlantic recently reviewed an article featured on which covers an array of important tips for students and graduates to increase their chances at scoring their dream job. Managing director Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic personally understands that burning desire to secure the idyllic dream job amongst the practical choices with good pay and reasonable hours, but just don’t get you excited to spring out of bed every morning.

The article says impeccable educational qualifications do offer an entry point, but you will often find that they are only a part of the package that potential recruiters seek. According to recent data, a shocking 44 percent of millennials are currently underemployed. These talented and driven people are often found working in low-wage or part-time jobs. So you should be using more creativity when choosing and applying for your dream job, to ensure recruiters can spot you amongst the crowd.

From this article, you can learn five of the best tips that will help increase your chances of securing your dream job. Firstly you should Create a professional online presence with LinkedIn as more and more recruiters are channeling LinkedIn for their recruiting needs. You should build a strong LinkedIn profile, documenting your professional achievements and experience. Secondly, after establishing your online presence, you need to start making connections and associations with businesses, headhunters, and alumni working in your desired field. This is your opportunity to network with those people, build professional relationships through introductions and get one foot through the door. The article suggests that you should immediately commit to a professional internship after graduating, no not the summer kind, look for the big wigs for a prestigious opportunity. Pan Atlantic are firm believers of showing you are committed to your intended career, and how it will certainly increase your chances of scoring that paid dream job.

Lastly, we can learn that finding a good mentor or becoming a good mentee will greatly help you to secure that job. Pan Atlantic are ambassadors of this method, as each representative working in the firm are closely mentored and coached by committed and excited teachers who are hitting their goals and criteria for promotions. Recent research studies indicate that the highest percentage of students who claim to have at least one mentor chose their parents. Next are those who enlisted their professors, family or friends. While parents, teachers, relatives and others in your circle can be a tempting option, you should expand your search. Note that finding experts and professionals working in your desired field will allow you to learn from people who you can relate to as you attempt to understand their experiences.