Most business these days don’t dedicate enough time and resources to seeking out and nurturing new talent. This can cause a plethora of problems for these companies down the line, including a skills gap in their company in the future, as well as the problem of their top talent jumping ship and leaving them with an unskilled workforce. Pan Atlantic, a customer acquisition specialist, takes a look at why scouting for new talent, and nurturing that talent is important.

Recent statistics show that 54% of employers currently have open positions, for which they can’t find qualified candidates. On top of this 52% said their top challenge was hiring and retaining talent. What does this mean for the current business climate? It means that talent management is more important than ever. More and more companies are training current workers up to fulfill more qualified roles.

“Companies spend a lot of time searching for experienced, qualified individuals these days,” said Justin Cobb, MD of Pan Atlantic, “This strategy was fine ten years ago, but the market has changed so much. You have this huge shift happening in the types of skills and qualifications available. Our philosophy has always been to find hard-working, excited and motivated people, and then focus on training and developing them internally.”

Pan Atlantic recognises the value of their highly skilled team. “Our greatest asset is people,” said the MD. “Whether that is the customers we acquire for our clients, or our top performers in the office, we understand the value of the person over the product. We go out of our way on a daily basis to create a nurturing work environment in which people can not only develop their skills and abilities, but also hopefully enjoy working in, and have fun. That’s how we continue to retain some of the best talent in the marketplace.”