It’s a fact that we have all, at one time in our careers, experienced that feeling of a win or an accomplishment, the sense of momentous satisfaction, feeling like we have reached a pivotal moment in our lives. We would all like that feeling to stick around for a little longer right? Managing director Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic knows how that is possible, he knows it’s a trick of the mind, a mentality which you can only develop by yourself, by consistently sustaining a positive attitude, Justin knows that we are all capable of training our own minds to enjoy the journey and encourage presenting obstacles as an opportunity.

“In this industry, we face rejection, we expect rejection. We work extremely hard and we speak to hundreds of people every day, so it is only logical that we will come across some negatives. But it’s how we react to these variables, that determines how it affects us and our attitudes, so how are we so good at dealing with this? We embrace it, and that’s the mindset which I teach my team to develop, and it all starts with thinking like a winner.” explains Justin “You are in control of your attitude, nobody else, and your attitude determines how certain situations affect you, there is a lesson in every experience, you have to develop your mind to see the positives amongst the obstacles”.

Studies show that thinking positively and preparing yourself to win, will make create positive results, this is known as the ‘Law of Attraction’, subconsciously you are more conscious of the positives over the negatives. “I encourage my team to maintain a positive mentality, stay focused and see the win in every situation, have fun and know that if you work hard enough, you will always feel like a winner” says justin Cobb.