Justin Cobb has been recruiting for his companies for several years now, and he is confident in putting together teams who are a force to reckon with. Managing director, Justin Cobb of PanAtlantic knows exactly the type of candidate who jells well with his existing team members and who will represent the ethos of his company. Team matchmaker Justin Cobb shares with us his top tips to follow when building your company’s dream team.

Offer the top talent something they can’t get on a paycheck

Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic advises, that whilst discussing monetary compensation is very important during the interview process, you should make a conscious effort to discuss in detail just how valuable the experience the role your offering will be and how much it will benefit the candidate. Actively find out what other elements of a job matter to them, i.e. development of a certain skill or progression. Be sure to tell them how the role can give them the experience they are looking for, or perhaps they will have free reign on projects that would normally have restrictions at other companies, or they will be able to spearhead a unique project that is a first for their career? Whatever it is that you can give them that is truly unique to your organization, make that point abundantly clear during the recruiting process.

Understand that their background may make them more knowledgeable than you and that that’s okay.

As an entrepreneur who trained and developed his team from the ground up, Pan Atlantic’s managing director Justin Cobb says he welcomes individuals who may have more experience than him in some areas, he does not see them as a potential threat, but encourages them to flourish with his company and meet their maximum potential. Pan Atlantics managing director Justin Cobb thinks it is necessary to remember that your team are bringing a knowledge-set with them that likely predates your organization. Therefore, you should embrace the fact that they may have a background in something you do not have. When you start thinking of new employees as true assets to the growth of your company, you will be amazed at the amount of talent you can attract.