Although everyone learns at a different rate of speed, there are times when even those who seem to grasp new concepts quickly are just not catching on as usual. Our bodies have a biological rhythm that makes certain times of the day our peak learning times and other times when it seems like nothing is sinking in. Even so, don’t lose heart just yet as Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic marketing firm located in New York is here to share some tips on how to literally double the rate of speed at which you learn.

“One of the things that comes to mind is the way in which many of us study. With the all the advances in technology, few students write notes by hand anymore and that is a huge mistake. Studies have absolutely proven that we retain information better when we take handwritten notes. There is something in the mind body connection that helps us remember what we are writing that just isn’t there when typing. Also, writing is slower and takes more concentration which could also be an important component,” Justin Cobb observes.

Many experts also say that we should control the time of day when we study and the environment in which we place ourselves. They suggest that we observe our biorhythms to see when we are most alert and also choose times and places where we are least likely to be disturbed. “Then there is the school of thought that if we make mental associations we will be better able to remember certain things like the names of the people we meet,” he continues. “In fact, any way in which you can exercise your brain will help you learn at a faster rate. It’s like training to run a marathon. The more you exercise, the faster and stronger you become.”

No matter what industry you are in, it is always a learning process and the moment you stop learning is the moment your business stops growing. Justin Cobb and the team at Pan Atlantic make it a habit within their company culture to learn at least one new fact a day. They enjoy mentally challenging exercises and have found that they really do learn more quickly as time passes. “This is something every director might want to try with his or her staff,” Pan Atlantic’s director concludes and by the results he has achieved with his team, he appears to be onto something big.