The rise in demand for field sales services worldwide has contributed to the firm’s success in the USA.

Pan Atlantic is in high demand because of how effective their field sales are. The firm believe that this can mainly be attributed to their excellent content of sales messages, their customer-facing collateral, and their sales support training. The agency’s financial reports are due to be released in Q2 of 2016, but early predictions indicate a massive 232% increase in demand of their services over the last 12 months.

A spokesperson for the agency stated: ‘As the sales function is critical to meeting growth targets in what is still a recovering economy, we anticipate consistent hiring throughout 2016’. SBG research indicates that the actual cost of ineffectual customer communication is between 10% and 20% of a company’s annual revenue. B2B companies lose hundreds of billions of dollars annually to ineffective customer communication just in the United States. It is because of this that Pan Atlantic suggests one of the main reasons more businesses are seeking out field sales services is to communicate to their audience in a more personal way.

Pan Atlantic goes to great measures to ensure that all of their sales messages at every consumer touch point are on brand. The agency believes many of their competitors’ failings can be traced to their content of sales messages, which are too concerned with what the product or service does, and how it works. The firm claims that the sales industry is inundated with descriptive messaging to solve customer buying questions, and suggest that it’s not working.

Pan Atlantic’s messaging strategy focuses on how and why a given product is the best solution for the customer to help them achieve their business objectives, and the firm swear by it. They recommend creating a customer engagement model with a common vocabulary for the go-to-market components, which would be created by a marketing department, and then implemented through the usual sales channels of conversations, emails, and voicemails. The firm strongly believe that the sales team can only be as strong as the marketing department allows them to be, as the less effective the marketing messaging, the less effective the content and conversations will be in person. Sales messages are incorporated into content via copywriting, and the entire creative process that resonates with target audiences is integrated into sales conversations by way of the salesperson.


Pan Atlantic are specialists in offering innovative direct and field marketing solutions to businesses across the USA. Through personal, face-to-face marketing interactions, the firm are able to build lasting connections with consumers on behalf of their clients. This increases sales, and overall brand awareness for clients, allowing them to expand into new markets.