This month CEO of Pan Atlantic, Justin Cobb has had the pleasure of opening seminars as key speaker in the Northeast and Southeast regions of the US. Traveling from NYC to stand in front of his business partners and mentees, Justin set the pace with his infectious energy and passion while on stage in front of hundreds who attended.

For Justin Cobb travel is a perk of the job, it’s always been a dream of his, and now he gets to take his family along with him, and they have seen and done so much already this year, and still they have a trip of a lifetime to come. Justin, his wife Randa, and their two children will be taking a round trip from NYC. First stopping in the home of Big Ben and the Royal Family, over to Eritrea for culture and family, then via the pyramids in Cairo to end up in Russia catching the World Cup Final, before stunning scenery in Switzerland and then touch down back to NYC. Ticking off some serious bucket list moments, Justin Cobb has created a successful career for himself and has the lifestyle he has always dreamed about.

During his opening speeches at the Northeast and Southeast seminars, Justin talks about dreams, and how important it is to talk about them all the time, give them life through talking about them, never make them seem small or impossible, the key to achieving them is by talking big. Justin Cobb would always talk about one day having a family and traveling the world together while running a successful organization, and he never hid his dream from anyone, nor was he afraid to talk about it before he even had it yet. Justin Cobb says “The most significant lesson I learned when I started out in the business world was being able to talk big again. Being around other entrepreneurs and businesspeople who had great goals and ambitions, gave me back the ability to dream again, to talk big again, and know that I can do something. This reminded me that I had stopped talking about my dreams out of fear of doubt or of the possibility of pushing people away, but for what? All successful people talk about their goals because giving them energy gives them life, and so I re-realized the power of talking big. But of course, a person has to be prepared to put in the actions as much as they can talk.”