Guiding principles
shared by all of us at PanAtlantic

We always look for new ways to better relationships between people and brands.
Across the network, our values guide, push and inspire us to keep doing just that. 

  • We make the world better

    We deliver our very best every time and we are relentless in trying to make it better.
  • Clients? We got them!

    We deliver the best possible experience and ensure that our clients can’t succeed without us.
  • Team-Oriented

    Our collective success is the
    surest path to our individual success.
  • We own our role!

    When something needs to be fixed, we dive into the fray, take ownership and then do what we say we are going to do.
  • We are positive

    We are powered by positive attitude. When we amplify our collective smarts, skills and strengths, we fuel our engine.
  • We are prepared!

    We come thoroughly prepared with a deep understanding of positive attitude and the right tone, and we are on all the time.
  • Pay Attention to Detail

    We are never deep enough into the consumer, educated enough in our client’s business, experts enough the tools of our trade.
  • Solution Finders

    We are convincing, compelling, and convicted and we refuse to give in until we have found the best possible solution.
  • We do the right thing

    We do the right thing, the respectful thing, the just thing, especially when it’s the hard thing.
  • We bounce back

    We meet disappointment head on,
    persevere and power forward.


Our Leadership

Justin Cobb

Justin Charles Cobb is an American investor, international business owner, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He grew up in a small beach town outside of New York City and in 1997 he moved to New Orleans to study psychology at Loyola University. It was during these years Justin became interested in the psychology of business and coaching and these skills are something that have stuck with him throughout his career.

After graduating with honors Justin started working alongside an entrepreneur as an intern in his direct sales company. Starting out at the very bottom, Justin did door to door field sales throughout the North-east of America. He credits this time as giving him the life-long skills to teach and develop other individuals. Once ready, Justin opened his first business in Charlotte, NC in 2005.

Over the last 13 years Cobb has expanded his business globally. He has directly trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and expanded his business into England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Wales, Scotland and across North America.

An industry renowned mentor, public speaker and leader, Justin loves seeing others succeed and feels a great honor in being able to make a positive impact on others.


Working at PanAtlantic

We’re interested in the talent of tomorrow. We like to talk to change-makers, problem-solvers, and opportunity-creators. Sound like you? Let us know your skills and preferred area of specialization.

Sales Associate
Customer Support
Account Management
Sales Strategist
Campaign Development
Market Research
Customer Relations
Brand Management
Marketing Coordinator
Process Development
Client Relations

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