Pan Atlantic – Sales Strategy

Direct marketing has many different facets to it. Pan Atlantic will tailor our customer acquisitions strategies based on what our clients targets and expectations are, who their potential customers are, and lastly if their product or service is suited to mass market promotional activities.

Firstly we test out if events-based target marketing, residential targeting or business-to-business targeting will be best suited to our clients’ product or service. We do this by first establishing who our clients’ desired target market is. Market segmentation is crucial here at this stage. Pan Atlantic combines two schools of thought when it comes to our marketing approach. We ensure that our clients have a product or service offering that can appeal to as many people as possible – therefore adopting a mass marketing approach. However we feel that if we approach and speak to the right people within certain geographical markets we can achieve optimal sales results. The reality is that even if our clients have a product suited for everyone – not everyone is going to qualify for it. So our job is find the right customer for our clients to ensure a loyal, long-lasting relationship is established.

In order for our sales strategies to work, we do segment our clients’ target market on a few criteria. Firstly behavioral segmentation, which relates to what customers want and how they will use the product. Secondly, demographic segmentation then moving onto geographic segmentation and lastly psychographic segmentation which relates to how our clients’ potential customers live their lives and what they value. By knowing this about our clients’ potential customer base we can then then establish if we think an events, residential or business to business approach is going to work.

Pan Atlantic understand the importance of the initial testing phase when we start working with a new client. This is where the trial and error happens and we iron out any kinks in adapting our sales processes to the brands we are selling. We deal with our clients’ customer base face-to-face. This way we are able to answer any questions they have right away and are able to consolidate effectively.

Sales consolidation is Pan Atlantic’s key differentiating point in the market place. Not only do we acquire customers for our clients through face-to-face interaction, but we also ensure that that customer is a customer for life! We consolidate sales with a customer by giving a final brief summary of our clients’ product or service and the benefits, answering any final questions they have and informing them of any important contact details relating to after sale service with our client directly. This way new customers feel great about their new purchase and if they forgot to ask any questions or have any queries they know where to go.