24 Jul

Pan Atlantic Expanding to Two Key US Markets – Philadelphia and Miami

Recently, the Pan Atlantic direct marketing team based out of Manhattan announced they are expanding to two key US markets, Philadelphia and Miami. Not only is this a major milestone for Pan Atlantic but it brings amazing opportunity to businesses along the Eastern Seaboard as well as throughout the entire nation.

According to Pan Atlantic director, Justin Cobb, “These are two of the largest metropolitan areas in the continental United States and the ramifications for what this means for our clients is huge. The potential customer base is literally off the charts and with our ambitious direct marketing, face-to-face sales approach, we expect to build enormous customer bases by capturing these new markets.”

What Justin is referring to is the fact that Philadelphia is the 5th most populace city in the United States while Miami is listed in the 44th position, but this figure is misleading. Anyone who has ever lived, in or visited, Miami knows that this is just one city within the metropolitan Miami-Dade locale. In fact, from Miami clear up to West Palm Beach and beyond is like one continual city.

“It’s difficult to determine where one city ends and the next begins. From Miami-Dade County through Broward and Palm Beach Counties, it is one long stream of cities with virtually no spaces in between,” Justin continues. “My team is super excited about the possibilities open to them when they can draw from the 5.5 million people in the major metropolitan Miami-Dade arena.”

Then there’s Philadelphia in the equation. This city ranks as the fifth most populace in the US behind only New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, with its estimated population of almost 1.5 million residents. Justin has hit the mark on this one. With nearly 5.5 million potential customers to market to in the Miami metropolitan area and another nearly 1.5 million in Philly, that gives Pan Atlantic the opportunity to reach over 7 million people. That is, in fact, huge.

Pan Atlantic is a direct marketing firm with an already impressive list of clients. The team, under Justin’s direction, has earned a great deal of recognition within the industry for their innovative approach to customer acquisition and retention for their many prestigious clients. Expanding into Miami and Philadelphia is an exciting development because of the sheer number of consumers and intriguing venues for direct marketing events.

“It will be a challenge to reach as many of those 7 million people as we possibly can, but my team is up to the task. I have never worked with such a dynamic and dedicated group of entrepreneurs, and I am truly excited to be breaking into two of the biggest markets in the US.”

Fellow entrepreneurs from around the world congratulate Pan Atlantic on their latest success and wish them the best in their new endeavours.

07 Jul

Pan Atlantic Review Keys to Industry Improvement at Awards Ceremony

Every business faces consistent obstacles in the pursuit of success. While the obstacles may vary by industry, the overall challenges – and in many cases, the solutions – remain the same. In order to succeed in the 21st century, businesses must be ready to adapt to changing times, pursue new opportunities whenever they arise and find ways in which to upset the competition’s hold on things. These aspects are especially true in the world of marketing. Pan Atlantic has earned itself special recognition at an upcoming award ceremony and here the Director will review the pathway forward in these difficult circumstances.

Pan Atlantic Director Justin Cobb was absolutely thrilled to learn that he was being asked to give an important speech at a major marketing awards ceremony in the United States. It is no small honor to be asked to speak on such occasions, as the award’s organizers carefully select speakers that reflect the themes being recognized. “I believe it is a testament to what we’ve been able to accomplish as a business team in such trying times – being able to showcase that progress is an incredible opportunity”, Justin Cobb was quoted as saying. While dozens upon dozens of marketing firms will be in attendance from all over the world, only a handful of firms will be represented by speakers at this event.

Specifically, the awards ceremony will be highlighting marketing firms that have been able to demonstrate the most improvement over the past year, as well as existing successful brands that have demonstrated key elements of progress advancement and growth. With an ever-increasing amount of global competition ready to fill every niche in the marketing world, brands like Pan Atlantic that continue to improve their fortunes year-to-year can provide insight and inspiration to other firms seeking to replicate the same in their own niches.

The future looks bright for firms such as Pan Atlantic, but those who do not embrace the reality of today will likely face much tougher prospects. In today’s world of marketing, growth is an important factor in sustaining brand stability and seizing new opportunities. In addition, progress that leads to new and bold ideas that innovate can help firms accomplish even more with their existing clout. Pan Atlantic has demonstrated to the world that even firms with humble beginnings can have a huge impact on the marketing industry through the right amount of dedication, innovation and competition.

17 Jun

Pan Atlantic Explains the Growth Oriented Mindset

If there is any one trait that an entrepreneur should have, it would be a growth oriented mindset. In fact, once you take a look at the qualities inherent in being growth oriented, you will see that all the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have had most, if not every one, of these qualities. Here, Pan Atlantic breaks down these characteristics and explains the growth oriented mindset that each person should have when looking to climb the corporate ladder or when trying to run a successful enterprise.

Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic and successful entrepreneur, explains that the first thing a person looking to grow should do is look at his or her life experiences to identify some that have enriched their lives, and made them better people.

“Once you have a greater sense of self-awareness it’s time to look at other areas of your organization. It is important to break out of the micro view (departmental) in order to gain a macro perspective of the entire enterprise. Not only does this help you get a better idea of what is happening in the company but it also helps to avoid duplicating efforts that another team is working on,” Justin says.

It is also essential to realize that you will never know everything there is to know. You must constantly be striving to better yourself both on a personal level as well as on a business level. Can you remember when it was that you last received any training or input from your mentor? A growth oriented person will always be seeking direction from his or her mentor so as not to become stuck in a rut and can continue to climb upwards.

Justin says, “You must also be vigilant where the competition is concerned. Who is it that you would consider to be your greatest competitor? Don’t look within your own company but rather find someone outside that you are competing against. It could be another marketer or it could be an entrepreneur who is running on a parallel course to yours.”

He explains that the reason you don’t want to compete with members of your own organization is because that threatens what should be an underlying team mindset. Teamwork is vital so find competition from outside if you feel the need to compete.

So then, what is a growth oriented mindset? Pan Atlantic finds that it is one where the person is continually striving to be self-aware and to always be seeking direction from his or her mentor. A person looking to grow is one that realizes the importance of team work and will work for the betterment of the organization while seeking to grow on a personal level.

To put it succinctly, a growth oriented mindset is one that wants to climb personally while carrying the team along with him. That’s growth in its purest sense.

02 Jun

Pan Atlantic Looks at US Advertising in 2015

It is projected that before the year 2015 comes to an end in just about six months, the United States will have spent approximately $189 billion on advertising. This is a combination of all types of media but that figure is impressive considering that it is almost one-third the total amount being spent around the world. Justin Cobb, Director of Pan Atlantic, entrepreneur and globally renowned motivational speaker looks at US advertising in the US for 2015.

“What strikes me is that the United States is the leader in spending on advertising and the country second to them, China is anticipated to spend less than half that amount in this calendar year. In fact, the other four of the top five, when their total projected amount is added up, will not even equal what the US is going to spend. That’s why this amount is so impressive and why it is important to look at how they expect to spend their advertising dollars,” Justin Cobb explains.

The top five advertising spenders are in order:

  1. The United States – $189 billion
  2. China – $73 billion
  3. Japan – $40 billion
  4. Germany – $28 billion
  5. UK – $25 billion

These amounts are rounded to the nearest billion, but as you can see, the other four countries add up to a projected total of $166 billion while the US is planning to spend $23 billion more than that. This led Justin Cobb to look at how they intend to allocate their budget.

“I know the US is big on advertising in all forms, and that they are world leaders in statistical analysis so it is important to see what’s trending. Of that amount they are forecast to spend $58.61 billion on digital advertising and $28.24 billion on mobile internet. The remainder will be allocated to other types of media including television, radio and print.”

One figure which should be closely examined is the amount they anticipate spending on mobile advertising. It is well known that mobile ads drive sales on a global level and with the US spending almost half the amount projected to be spent globally in 2015, marketers need to take a long look at how to ramp up their efforts in the mobile arena.

The forecasted figures above were published at the end of 2014 so it will be interesting to note how they play out. Market analysts raised the amount projected on mobile advertising because China grew in that arena much faster than anticipated and this is why Pan Atlantic is looking at how to best capture the mobile market going forward. With a long history of successful interpretation of market data, Justin Cobb and Pan Atlantic can be expected to be right on the mark.

26 May

Pan Atlantic Review Leadership Qualities Ahead of Featured Spot in Industry Awards Ceremony

The worth of a business can easily be summed up by the character and effectiveness of its leadership. Without strong, effective leadership, any brand in any industry will find itself in a vulnerable position with clients and against competitors. In the field of marketing in particular, a careful balance between strong leadership and necessary autonomy must exist in order to generate success. As such, it takes a special type of leader to ensure long-term success and viability in this industry. Pan Atlantic review leadership qualities in the run-up to a prime industry awards ceremony in which it will be featured.

Pan Atlantic is quite proud of its leadership being recognized at this industry awards ceremony in a big way. Director, Justin Cobb, will be a guest speaker at the event, which is an honour for the company as it continues to expand on both sides of the Atlantic. In particular, Justin Cobb was invited to bring clarity to a major issue that many firms in the marketing industry face: effective leadership styles and qualities. For those who work in the field of marketing, it is aptly understood why leadership qualities – even in a decentralised power structure – are vital to long-term success.

“A team will always emulate the approach and characteristics of its leader”, Justin Cobb was quoted as saying. “If you run head-first at a problem with strong solutions and an attitude to match, then your employees will follow in your footsteps. If you operate as a laid-back executive, only engaging when absolutely necessary, then your team will adopt a similar approach”. Leadership is quite literally responsible for leading others and setting examples, so it is no wonder that a brand’s approach with its clients and in the industry is determined by the qualities of its leaders.

Pan Atlantic has embodied the traits of its Managing Director, Justin Cobb, in that it brings a resilient and dedicated approach to all of its goals and challenges. From the acquisition of big-name clients to the expansion of its brand into new markets, the company has weathered the storm and persevered in a variety of ways that would not have been possible without strong leadership.

By emulating the behaviour that is expected from employees, companies like Pan Atlantic continue to excel in the industry and are recognized regularly for their accomplishments. Leaders truly set the tone for future success or failure, which is why all leaders must carefully look inward when assessing the health of their own brands.

22 May

Pan Atlantic Take Direct Marketing and Brand Awareness to New Heights

With the number of new companies starting up each and every day, it is no longer sufficient to rely on your current client base to keep you in business. It just might be that those clients have sustained you over time, but with new marketing approaches they can very easily be tempted away. Pan Atlantic understands the threat to your business and has perfected a two-step approach to unlimited growth, building a new client base and retention through customer loyalty.

Justin Cobb, Managing Director of Pan Atlantic explains that “The ever rising level of competition is making it much harder for companies to keep their numbers up. The only way to continue growing is to continually replenish your customer base so that as old customers wander away there are new ones to take their place. This doesn’t mean that we ask our clients to lose focus on serving their loyal customers but to simply recognise the fact that they may not be there forever.”

In fact, even if you could keep your current clients on the books, you would be at a stalemate. The only hope any business has of growing is to keep new accounts coming in. “It isn’t a matter of planning to lose accounts but rather compensating for their loss, if and when that should happen, while looking to broaden your horizons. It is also vital to continued success to focus on excellence in customer service that so many businesses today are lacking in.”

One of the most effective ways to gather new customers is through a direct marketing approach. This is a highly specialized approach that can be rather time-consuming and why many businesses simply rely on digital and print advertising to expand their client base. Pan Atlantic has now promised four major companies in four totally different markets that they will fulfil their commitment to provide the growth they seek.

Justin Cobb says that each of the four are leaders in their respective markets and that, in his words, “they are in the big leagues.” Pan Atlantic is expert in direct marketing so the challenge is to focus on the growth they committed to by the end of May. With these clients representing the medical, charity, energy and telecommunications sectors, Cobb and Pan Atlantic welcome the challenge.

Just by looking at Pan Atlantic’s track record, there is every reason to believe they will meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. In just two months after opening their doors they grew to employing over 100 people and landed some pretty amazing high-profile companies as clients. With their direct marketing approach and a focus on rapid expansion, all eyes are on the scoreboard.

23 Apr

Pan Atlantic Review the Rise in Optimism Among Small Businesses

Many people find that starting their own business is the best thing they’ve ever done, in that it not only allows them to work for themselves on a thing that they truly love, it also offers greater potential financial rewards than they could get elsewhere. You may wonder how to know when market conditions are right for starting a business, and one way is to look at what those people already running businesses are saying. A recent study by Gallup looked at the optimism felt by business owners across the United States. Here, Pan Atlantic review the results and look at the bigger picture.

“The economic downturn of the early twenty-first century hit not only the United States, but the whole of the world”, said Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic. “Nevertheless, it’s the United States who are now leading the worldwide economic indicator. Our businesses are booming once more, and one of the key reasons behind it is the rise in business optimism as shown by the Gallup study.”

The Small Business Index is compiled quarterly by Wells Fargo and Gallup, and considers the overall results from a number of key performance indicators and responses. The latest results are overwhelmingly positive, and in fact our small business owners are now the most optimistic that they’ve been in seven years. The index currently stands at + 71, and has now seen a sharp rise in two successive quarters. July 2014 saw the index stand at + 41, and November 2014 saw it reach + 58.

This significant rise in optimism is predicated among several key factors. Small business owners are feeling positive about the amount of revenue coming into their company, with 49% saying that revenue had increased in the last twelve months. This in turn led to more companies hiring staff in the last year than reducing staff numbers. Small business owners also reported that they found it easier to obtain the credit they needed, up to 34% from 28% of the first quarter of 2014.

“Small business owners are reporting excellent results today, as well as predicting even better results for tomorrow”, said Justin Cobb. “This means that it’s a perfect time to join the show and become an entrepreneur. Economic conditions are increasingly favorable, and the opportunities are waiting for those who are prepared to seek them out.”

Entrepreneurs both new and experienced can benefit from the marketing expertise of Pan Atlantic. They specialize in customer acquisition and real brand growth.

21 Apr

Pan Atlantic Reveal Their Plans for Expansion in the USA

Running a business can undoubtedly be hard work, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Through the golden combination of hard work, a great product or service, and an effective marketing campaign, a business can achieve real growth in a relatively short space of time. With that growth comes another decision for the founding entrepreneur to take: do they consolidate what they already have, or formulate ambitious plans for further growth and expansion? Here, Pan Atlantic reveal their own plans for American expansion.

“We moved to New York City just over a month ago, and already it has been a phenomenal success”, said Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic. “We’ve doubled in size in that first month, and we expect similar exponential growth in the months ahead. Entrepreneurs should never rest on their laurels, as staying still can actually lead to sliding backward, which is why we’re announcing ambitious and exciting plans to have offices in every city in the United States.”

Pan Atlantic had a great track record of success in the United Kingdom before making the move to the United States, and it was this that gave businesses in New York and beyond the confidence that here was a marketing company that could deliver the results they were looking for. The catalyst for their growth is a deal that’s been signed with a major US company operating nationwide. That means Pan Atlantic have to go nationwide as well, but that presents great opportunities rather than great challenges.

Today’s business world is increasingly competitive, so entrepreneurs should always be on the lookout for big opportunities that can bring equally big rewards. This may involve moving to other parts of the country, or even moving abroad, but it’s essential that people running their own business are prepared to grab these chances when they come. The mark of a successful entrepreneur is one who has taken a risk, and reaped the big reward that came at the end of it.

“As a business, we’ve operated in many different markets, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Poland”, said Justin Cobb. “The United States is the greatest market of them all, however, and it really is the land of opportunity for entrepreneurs who are prepared to embrace it.”

The team at Pan Atlantic are taking this success and growth in their stride, and businesses across the UK can grow their brand awareness and customer numbers thanks to the exciting marketing campaigns they provide.

10 Apr

Pan Atlantic Review the True Face of the American Dream

People across the world know about the American Dream, but in fact the phrase was only coined in a 1931 book by James Truslow Adams. The terminology may be relatively new, but the idea behind it is much older. Ever since the United States began its remarkable story, people from across the world have flocked there for a better life, and one where anything is possible if a person puts in the hard work needed. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine gave five quotes that sum up the American Dream. Here, Pan Atlantic review the article, and reveal how today’s entrepreneurs can make their own dreams come true.

“The United States has the world’s biggest economy, and it’s beginning to show real signs of recovery and growth again”, said Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic. “In a large part that’s down to the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of its people. Americans really do love business and they love success, which is why I’m proud to live and work in the greatest country in the world.”

The original quote by James Truslow Adams, quoted within the article, defines the American Dream as a dream of “a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone.” This definition says that people achieve success based upon their ability, not upon where they are from or who they know. This is still the defining truth behind entrepreneurism today. Anyone can succeed if they have a great and innovative idea, and the work ethic that will see it brought to fruition. Dan Rather expanded on this when he said that it means, “opening doors of opportunities to everyone and recognizing that the American Dream excludes no one.”

A warning is given by Azar Nafisi, who says that, “the negative side of the American Dream comes when people pursue success at any cost”. This attitude, Nafisi says, destroys the true meaning of the dream. This is true of entrepreneurism as well. The most successful entrepreneurs start their business not as a pursuit of wealth for its own sake, but because they have a dream of a product that can make a real difference to people’s lives. Through running their own company, they’re not only enriching their own lives, but that of the society around them.

“As can be seen, there are many definitions and quotes about the American Dream, but at its heart is the promise that people really can achieve great things”, said Justin Cobb. “The success that the dream brings doesn’t just fall into our laps, however, it has to be worked for. That’s why I advise all people who dream of running a business to take the first steps to making it a reality today.”

When starting and running a business, it’s important to have a marketing campaign that attracts customers and brings growth. That’s what Pan Atlantic deliver to their clients across the United States.

20 Mar

Pan Atlantic Look at the Importance of Escaping Your Comfort Zone

Do you remember how much you loved adventure as a child? Children crave excitement and the thrill of the unknown, they love to try new things, even if success isn’t assured. As we get older, some people lose their adventure loving nature, and settle instead for comfort and security. Such people spend their lives working for others, missing out on potential rewards. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, should still strive for adventure in their business lives. A recent article in Inc. magazine looked at how leaving the comfort zone behind can bring benefits. Here, Pan Atlantic review the article and look at the lessons to be learned from it.

“By upping our exposure to adventure and to challenging scenarios, we’re also upping the potential rewards”, said Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic. “Entrepreneurs should always be prepared to take risks, when they are accompanied by great opportunities. That’s why being an entrepreneur is so thrilling, your career isn’t simply a job, it’s an ongoing adventure.”

As the article shows, it’s easy to fall back into the comfort zone, but the ease that it brings can be holding you back from achieving your business dreams. When entrepreneurs start their business, they do so with the intention of growing it into a hugely successful enterprise. After a few years, however, they can fall into the rut of a business comfort zone, where the company is simply getting by. Eventually, this leads to stagnation, as the business is overtaken by those that are simply more adventurous.

Entrepreneurs need to ask themselves how far they will go to achieve their goals. This can be a physical journey, for example, expanding into new countries and territories, or it can refer to the hard work and long hours that are needed to achieve real success. We live in an age where people are increasingly risk averse. If you open yourself up to risk, and face it head on, you automatically gain an advantage over competitors who shrink away from it.

“Leaving the comfort zone means working harder than you’ve ever done before”, said Justin Cobb. “The great thing is, however, that when you love your job, as most entrepreneurs do, it doesn’t feel like hard work at all. The great rewards that are waiting out there are worth the adventure it can take to reach them.”

Entrepreneurs who are looking to reach their goals will find help from the bespoke marketing campaigns of Pan Atlantic. Their marketing plans provide a real return on investment.