03 Feb

Five Billionaires who Started in Sales (Infographic)

For a lot of people, sales isn’t considered the most glamorous or rewarding of jobs. The business of sales may be a tough and high pressure environment. However, it has acted as the training ground for many of the world’s most famous and successful people. The lessons they learned during their time in sales set them up for a successful future in business. Many of those people have gone on to become millionaires or even billionaires. Here at Pan Atlantic, we take a look at five billionaires who started their successful careers as salespeople. Read more »

23 Jan

Pan Atlantic Review the Importance of Customer Collaboration

Modern consumers like to feel a sense of involvement with the brands that they love. By collaborating with consumers, brands can foster brand loyalty and acquire new customers. A study Marketresearchworld.net found that brands and consumers can create value together. Here, Pan Atlantic review this study, and look at the lessons that can be learned by businesses all around the world.

“Creating true engagement with consumers is one of the most important things a business can do”, said the manager of Pan Atlantic. “When direct marketing becomes truly collaborative, it will be more effective, and the customers will feel valued and trusting. These are two of the most important attributes a company can foster in a customer.”

Many companies take an outside-in approach to project creation, where they create the product or service and then find customers that fit it. Forward thinking businesses, however, are now taking an inside-out approach that leads to co-creation involving both the business and the customer. This means that customers are involved at all stages of the design process. A 2011 survey by Frost & Sullivan found that the most common use of Crowdsourcing, with 28%, was idea generation, followed by concept testing and development with 18%.

Once the idea has been taken forward, it’s important to keep up this collaborative approach. It’s not simply a matter of telling potential customers how a product’s development is progressing, but seeking their approval and suggestions along the way. One of the ways a company can do this is by building an online community where users can ask questions, and provide answers. This creates brand champions who take an active interest in your product, and feel a close affinity with it, as well as helping users who have questions.

“When a consumer is involved throughout the design, development and implementation processes, they are much more likely to take an interest in the product and brand in future”, said the manager. “Each stage of the creation process is a touching stone, where customers can become involved. Not only can you find a free source of innovative ideas, you’ll be creating a powerful brand identity and a positive news story about your company.”

The study shows that the most popular social media platforms for customer collaboration were Facebook, with 44.9%, and Twitter, with 40.9%, but it’s important to have a consistent presence across all platforms and media forms. Pan Atlantic are specialists in creating direct marketing campaigns that focus on customer collaboration, to the benefit of both consumers and businesses.


09 Jan

Pan Atlantic Talk About How Real Dialogue With Clients Can Prevent Business Failure

Starting a business is not easy, and if you are going through the process of setting up your own company, you are probably very aware of the terrifying and often quoted statistic about how 80% of start ups fail in their first 18 months. Failure, in this sense, means running out of money to the point where it is not viable for the enterprise to continue to operate, and this can happen even when the idea for the business was very strong if there were flaws in the plan for how to attract customers. Here, leading marketing company Pan Atlantic discuss one thing many failing companies don’t do right – having meaningful dialogue with their customers:

‘It is easy to think, in the modern age, that marketing is easy. We are always being told that as long as we leverage social media and target our customers carefully, they will show up itching to part with their money.’ says managing director at Pan Atlantic, Justin Cobb. ‘But this isn’t the case in practice.’

‘Good marketing is not about putting out hundreds of tweets or having a great website. It is about considering your efforts as part of a conversation with your customers and prospects. People read hundreds of promotional messages every day, but it is where they get a chance to interact with a business that they really begin to feel a sense of brand loyalty. This is what a lot of people get wrong – thinking of marketing as a one way stream. Instead, you should want your customers to talk to you and be prepared to listen to them, as much as you want them to listen to your message.’

This is one of the primary reasons why Pan Atlantic believe a good marketing mix should include elements of face to face marketing, such as events.

‘Presenting yourself to people and having genuine conversations with them is far more powerful than simply putting your message out there and hoping they act on it. You can learn a lot and really enforce who you are as a company. We have seen companies go from a position where they are struggling to one of great prosperity simply by altering their marketing approach to be more engaging. Customers see the value in face to face dialogue, and as a business, you should too.’ Justin Cobb, MD of Pan Atlantic concluded.

21 Dec

Pan Atlantic on Creating Mobile-Ready and Mobile-Friendly Websites

Since technology is continuously progressing, it is now wise to keep your business up to date. Based on a study made by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, over half of the adult American population have their own smartphones and about one third of these have tablets. Therefore, it is very important for business websites to be mobile–ready and mobile–friendly. We at Pan Atlantic always want you to be as competitive as possible or even be ahead of the game. In this article, you will learn some tips on how you can make your business website mobile-ready and mobile-friendly.

– Do an initial testing.

You need to test your website before doing anything else. This will allow you to see what you need to improve and how much work needs to be done. There are many tools that can be utilized for testing. You need to try a few in order to properly assess your site.

– Make it simple.

Websites which are mobile-friendly are not the exact copy of the actual website viewed on laptops and computers. Mobile-ready versions of websites are more simplistic and direct to the point, owing to the fact that mobile devices are small. In this light, Pan Atlantic suggests that you limit the images that your website displays when viewed in mobile devices. This will help in loading it faster, thereby serving your customers swiftly and conveniently. Customers hate waiting so having fewer images will help ease the wait.

– Be as up-to-date as possible.

Most smartphones have touchscreen capability. Therefore, it is only wise that you have your website designed for touchscreen devices, too. Avoid annoying your customers with tiny icons, buttons, or links. Make things big enough for their fingers to click.

You can do many things to make your business site mobile-friendly. These are only a few that you can employ for your own website.

08 Dec

Pan Atlantic on Mental Attitudes for Success

As an entrepreneur, there are many things that you need to be good at it in order to foster success. You need to know a lot about the market you are involved in, and business in general. You need to understand how to manage your time well, be a leader and delegate responsibility. However, perhaps the most important is how well you manage your own mental state. All of the things you achieve in life and in business start from what you achieve inside your own mind. Pan Atlantic looks at some mental changes you can make in order to promote a more successful career.

Invest in Yourself

As an entrepreneur, you may spend every penny you ever earn on furthering your business success, and increasing your income. While this may be important, if you are neglecting your physical and mental health, you will eventually burn out. Pan Atlantic believe you should think about every bit of cash you spend on yourself as an investment into your future. That goes for everything from books and classes that improve your mind, to relaxation and exercise that improves your body.

Be Methodical

In the building industry there is an old saying, “Measure twice, cut once”. In other words, any action you take you should spend twice as long planning it as doing it. Most decisions can wait to be made, especially if it means making sure you get them right. Once you have planned something well, and done it once, then you have a road map for doing similar things in the future. Don’t waste your past work. Use that road map again, and create processes that allow you to work faster.

Cultivate Resilience

Pan Atlantic believe that the difference between first place and last place isn’t always strength or ability. Very often it is just determination. If you are just as talented and able as someone else, then the most successful will be determined by who quits first. Remember this when you start to lose focus, or consider not working quite as hard today. Every time you go home early or spend an hour watching YouTube videos, there’s a person somewhere who didn’t do that who might just be your competition.

25 Nov

Pan Atlantic on Successful Body Language

At Pan Atlantic, we’re aware that in the marketing or sales industry, people spend a lot of time making sure their message is exactly what they want it to be. However, depending on the research you read, between 60% and 90% of our communication is nonverbal. So for a marketing professional, it’s perhaps less important to focus on what you say, as how you say it, and indeed, how you come across as a person. At Pan Atlantic we look at some tips on how to improve your nonverbal communication.

The Body

  • Posture is important. People naturally associate a good posture with confidence and strength. Keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed.
  • Crossing of limbs denotes a closed attitude or disinterest. Keep your arms uncrossed and don’t cross your legs. You’ll also appear more relaxed.
  • Use mirroring. When people like each other, they naturally mirror each other’s movements. Keep it subtle though. We’re not saying scratch your nose every time they do.

The Face

  • Listening doesn’t have to be passive. In fact people who engage while listening are seen as better listeners. Nodding your head, smiling in agreement, and genuinely reacting to the speaker’s words all help to show you are not just drifting off.
  • Eye contact is king. We’re not telling you anything new here. But don’t just stare people out. People naturally look away to think about what they are saying. If you never do, you’ll appear a bit creepy.
  • Pay attention to your own voice, and you’ll naturally sound more confident. Nervous people talk quickly and at a higher pitch than usual, because they subconsciously fear that they will not be heard. Take your time, and speak in a measured, thoughtful way.

The Rest

  • Don’t be afraid to gesture when you speak. Research shows that people who gesture a lot think clearer, are better understood, and appear more confident.
  • At Pan Atlantic we’re always aware of cultural differences. For example in Brazil it’s not uncommon for business colleagues to hug each other as physical closeness is part of the culture, however in Japan touching colleagues is very rare. Even handshakes are not common being replaced with a bow.
  • Finally, don’t get so caught up in your own body language, that you ignore other people’s. Observe what you are being told nonverbally. If a person is showing signs of disinterest or being rushed for example, then perhaps it’s time to put off the meeting until a later date.