08 Aug

Pan Atlantic Discuss the Importance of Giving Appreciation

‘A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected’, a timeless concept amongst successful businessmen, a simple if not glaringly obvious motto of a CEO, and CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic, certainly lives and breaths this expression.

“Every single individual at Pan Atlantic receives the same level of support and appreciation for their hard work and determined efforts to overachieve, Not one person goes unnoticed or underappreciated’ explains Justin. It is proven that workers who feel under appreciated can feel targeted and secluded from their team. Justin Cobb manages a team of direct marketing experts, who consistently out work everybody, they hit their targets and go above and beyond every single day. Justin understands better than anybody, how crucial it is to reward his team with supportive words, constructive feedback and appreciation, and Justin is not one to hold back with generous gifts of baseball game tickets, dinners in exclusive restaurants and paid for trips overseas.

“It is so important as a leader, to show appreciation to your team and make sure that they know their efforts and hard work are noticed and accounted for. Those who feel appreciated will be more motivated to consistently do more than is expected of them”, says Justin. “The Pan Atlantic team are always invited to attend exclusive industry events with myself, the guys get to travel to different cities across the states, enjoy a three course meal amongst industry greats and entrepreneurs. We also enjoy regular team nights, where we all go to a venue, hang out and have some fun, build team spirits and relationships, this really boosts the morale and motivates everybody to keep performing consistently.”

Justin Cobb runs an elite direct marketing firm, the foundations of his success are built upon his admirable way with people and his caring nature toward his entire network where he always puts their goals and ambitions before his own.

25 Jul

Pan Atlantic on Encouraging Winning Spirit

It’s a fact that we have all, at one time in our careers, experienced that feeling of a win or an accomplishment, the sense of momentous satisfaction, feeling like we have reached a pivotal moment in our lives. We would all like that feeling to stick around for a little longer right? Managing director Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic knows how that is possible, he knows it’s a trick of the mind, a mentality which you can only develop by yourself, by consistently sustaining a positive attitude, Justin knows that we are all capable of training our own minds to enjoy the journey and encourage presenting obstacles as an opportunity.

“In this industry, we face rejection, we expect rejection. We work extremely hard and we speak to hundreds of people every day, so it is only logical that we will come across some negatives. But it’s how we react to these variables, that determines how it affects us and our attitudes, so how are we so good at dealing with this? We embrace it, and that’s the mindset which I teach my team to develop, and it all starts with thinking like a winner.” explains Justin “You are in control of your attitude, nobody else, and your attitude determines how certain situations affect you, there is a lesson in every experience, you have to develop your mind to see the positives amongst the obstacles”.

Studies show that thinking positively and preparing yourself to win, will make create positive results, this is known as the ‘Law of Attraction’, subconsciously you are more conscious of the positives over the negatives. “I encourage my team to maintain a positive mentality, stay focused and see the win in every situation, have fun and know that if you work hard enough, you will always feel like a winner” says justin Cobb.

05 Jul

Pan Atlantic Expose the Habits of a Successful Leader

Being the managing director of a renowned direct marketing firm in New York, self made entrepreneur and leader Justin Cobb, knows all too well about the habits of a great leader.

Leading expert Justin Cobb, manages teams of over 100 people, mentoring individual entrepreneurs and leading hundreds of followers on Linkedin, Instagram and other social media platforms, where he leads as a public figure in his field.

“Being a leader is not just a title you have, being a leader is a skill, it’s a series of actions which you take every day, to manage and maintain the well being and success of your team, you do this by making those actions become a habit” explains Justin Cobb. “Being a leader you must always set the example, complete tasks to 100 percent, whether they are big or small, that way you set the expectations to the highest standard and your team will follow and – no shortcuts. Work hard, and do not delegate, you should never expect somebody to do something if they haven’t been shown how to by their leader. work with them, show them a positive can-do attitude and always be early, if you are not early, you’re late. Most importantly, a successful leader will build their team, character building is a positive way to show appreciation to somebody and this will give them confidence in their work. Encourage them, spend time with them and get to know them personally, and most importantly, you need to inspire them.” Explains Justin.

Self made entrepreneur, Justin Cobb hosts many leadership training seminars and workshops with many budding entrepreneurs who are leading teams across the marketing industry. He has years of experience and gives thanks to his leaders when he first started out in his field. “They showed me what was possible, I saw what I had to do and I got great at it, I observed my leaders and became like them, I showed people what was possible, and that’s what you have to do if you want people to follow you.” fantastic advice from Justin Cobb.

27 Jun

Pan Atlantic Explore Ways to Increase Your Rate of Learning

Although everyone learns at a different rate of speed, there are times when even those who seem to grasp new concepts quickly are just not catching on as usual. Our bodies have a biological rhythm that makes certain times of the day our peak learning times and other times when it seems like nothing is sinking in. Even so, don’t lose heart just yet as Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic marketing firm located in New York is here to share some tips on how to literally double the rate of speed at which you learn.

“One of the things that comes to mind is the way in which many of us study. With the all the advances in technology, few students write notes by hand anymore and that is a huge mistake. Studies have absolutely proven that we retain information better when we take handwritten notes. There is something in the mind body connection that helps us remember what we are writing that just isn’t there when typing. Also, writing is slower and takes more concentration which could also be an important component,” Justin Cobb observes.

Many experts also say that we should control the time of day when we study and the environment in which we place ourselves. They suggest that we observe our biorhythms to see when we are most alert and also choose times and places where we are least likely to be disturbed. “Then there is the school of thought that if we make mental associations we will be better able to remember certain things like the names of the people we meet,” he continues. “In fact, any way in which you can exercise your brain will help you learn at a faster rate. It’s like training to run a marathon. The more you exercise, the faster and stronger you become.”

No matter what industry you are in, it is always a learning process and the moment you stop learning is the moment your business stops growing. Justin Cobb and the team at Pan Atlantic make it a habit within their company culture to learn at least one new fact a day. They enjoy mentally challenging exercises and have found that they really do learn more quickly as time passes. “This is something every director might want to try with his or her staff,” Pan Atlantic’s director concludes and by the results he has achieved with his team, he appears to be onto something big.

08 Jun

Pan Atlantic Offers Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

One of the major shortcomings inherent in a great number of entrepreneurs is that they let their passion drive them and oftentimes forget that they could get more done in less time if they would simply take charge of their schedule. Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic New York marketing group looks at some tips for managing your time so that you don’t experience the premature burn out that many entrepreneurs succumb to.

Many entrepreneurs are literally driven by their passion for what they do. Unfortunately, they are so driven that they go non-stop until they are ready to drop. Justin Cobb finds that much of this is due to their inability to delegate responsibility. “It’s not that they can’t,” he says, “it’s simply that they aren’t ready to let go of their ‘baby,’ their brainchild that brought them this far. The don’t understand that their brand and products will always be theirs, but hiring a team that can take on much of the work can free them to do other things and above all, give them time to relax and enjoy life a little.”

Justin Cobb, director and CEO of Pan Atlantic, is often asked to speak at industry events and awards ceremonies because he has mentored so many budding entrepreneurs. What he suggests small business owners do who simply don’t have the resources or employees to draw from when delegating tasks is to choose trusted friends and family members to lend a helping hand. By giving over some responsibilities, the entrepreneur is then able to pursue expansion or simply to see to all those little administrative tasks that somehow there’s never time for.

“You should also make the time to schedule important tasks, setting aside those that can be handled by someone else. If you are going to take the initiative to build a team, it’s time to start scheduling some of the tasks for them to handle. At the same time, you need to plan your work and family life so that you have time for both and above all, you need to learn how to say no. You can’t possibly be all things to all people so learn how to prioritize. If you can’t do it, use that almighty two-letter word!” Justin Cobb understands full well just how easy it is to burn out but with a few time management strategies it is possible to continue with renewed vigor and even enough time left over to enjoy life before it passes you by.

26 May

Pan Atlantic Review the Popularity of Print Content

It’s amazing to think of all the technological advances made in the last decade, and the impact that they’ve had on the business world, and on our society as a whole. Mobile phones and tablets are now becoming more popular than computers themselves, and turning us into a truly digital nation. Does this mean that traditional forms of media have had their day? A recent study by Deloitte, and carried by DJS Research, shows that the future is still bright for print media. Here, Pan Atlantic review the study, and look at what entrepreneurs can learn from it.

“New forms of media are appearing every day, but that doesn’t mean that the traditional forms can be ignored”, said Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic. “It’s perfectly possible for digital and print content to exist side by side. As this study shows, the popularity and power of print media are actually growing, not diminishing.”

The study formed part of an annual ‘State Of The Media Democracy Report’, it looks at how people digest their media, and how that compares historically. The focus of the study was on magazines, a media form that’s embraced the technological revolution more than most. There are online only magazines on every subject, many with a broad and loyal following. Most of the leading magazines from across the US have also put their content online, giving readers a choice of how they want to consume their media.

Some people may be surprized at the results. Well over half of all consumers questioned said that they preferred print copies of their magazines to digital versions, even when the same content was available online. The overall figure in favour of print was 60%, with that figure rising to 66% among women. This has a big impact on magazine advertising as well. 48% of respondents said that they paid more attention to adverts when they were in print, and 61% said that they found online ads obtrusive and annoying.

“This study is great news for print media, but great news for businesses as well, because it shows them what consumers are really looking for”, said Justin Cobb. “Even in our technologically advanced society, people prefer traditional methods of communication and advertising, allied to the human touch. That’s why, in the days of social media, face to face and direct marketing is still producing excellent results.”

Businesses can benefit significantly from using the direct marketing expertize of Pan Atlantic. They specialize in consumer acquisition and increasing market share

07 May

Pan Atlantic Review ‘The Art of Negotiation’ by Michael Wheeler

Every entrepreneur will be involved in important negotiations at some time, and mastering this art can bring great results. Yet some people seem to be born negotiators, while others find it difficult and unnerving. For those who need to improve their confidence in negotiations, and therefore the results, help is at hand thanks to a book from the master of negotiating. Here, Pan Atlantic review ‘The Art Of Negotiation: How To Improvise Agreement In A Chaotic World’, written by Michael Wheeler, and published by Simon & Schuster.

“The most important thing to understand about negotiating is that you can improve your performance”, said Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic. “By practising your skills, and with the help of this fantastic book, you can go from being a negotiation novice to a master deal clincher in no time at all. This will yield great benefits for your business.”

Michael Wheeler is a world authority on this subject, being a member of the famous Program on Negotiation at the Harvard School of Law. He has identified a problem with negotiating faced by many people today: they’re just too rigid in their approach. Negotiation has tended to fall into two schools, the win-win method of persuading a client to say yes, and the hard negotiating style that says anything can be achieved. The author argues that in our ever changing modern world, more flexibility is needed when it comes to negotiations.

Master negotiators don’t approach a situation with a rigid plan already in their head, as that can trap them. They take great notice of the way the conversation is going, and are ready to change and adapt at any moment. In this way, negotiation really becomes an act of exploring. You need to really understand what your client is looking for, and listen to what they’re saying rather than what you think they should be saying.

“Michael Wheeler emphasises the importance of improvisation within the negotiation process”, said Justin Cobb. “He gives examples of expert negotiators who have mastered this art, and also provides ways that entrepreneurs can practise and develop their skills. In our ever moving world, this flexibility is vitally important. That’s why I recommend this book for all entrepreneurs, however experienced they are.”

Entrepreneurs who are looking to boost their customer numbers and enhance their brand awareness, will benefit from the bespoke direct marketing campaigns of Pan Atlantic. Their expertise can increase your bottom line.

10 Mar

Pan Atlantic Outlines Why Reputation Matters

Whilst the internet has brought about many great things for businesses and been integral in the launch of many companies, it has also made it a lot harder for businesses to manage their reputations. Here Pan Atlantic addresses how businesses can keep a closer eye on their online reputation. Read more »