17 Feb

Managing Director of Pan Atlantic Looks at Different Leadership Styles

Every entrepreneur has a different way of approaching a job, and their own unique leadership style. Is there a right or a wrong way to be a leader, and can changing your style bring greater levels of success? A recent article on MindTools.com looks at different approaches to leadership. Here, Pan Atlantic review the article, and look at how they approach leadership in business.

“Being a business leader means taking decisions that are best for your business, your clients, your workers, and yourself”, said the Managing Director of Pan Atlantic. “Some people find that their leadership style comes naturally, while others have to work hard to find a style that works for them. I believe that it’s best when an entrepreneur stays true to themselves, rather than acting in a way that doesn’t reflect how they’d normally behave.”

The psychologist Kurt Lewin proposed a classification of leadership styles in the 1930s. The first style was autocratic. These leaders would make decisions without seeking the views of others, even if their input could be useful. The second style is democratic. Democratic leaders involve everyone in decision making and encourage creativity, although they have the final say. The downside to this style is that it can slow down the decision-making process. The third style, Lewin called laissez-faire. These leaders provide a degree of autonomy to their workers, and let them take the lead in making their own decisions.

There are many other leadership styles that have been recognized and categorized since Lewin, and as business and society has evolved, so have leadership styles. One particularly inflexible style is called transactional leadership. This is based upon the premise that employees completed a transaction when they took the job, and part of the deal means that they must obey the leader, whatever they’re asked to do. In contrast to this, a charismatic leader will inspire loyalty through their actions, but they can be hard to convince if they’re ever on the wrong path.

“Every leadership style has its advantages and disadvantages”, said Pan Atlantic’s Managing Director. “That’s why I think flexibility, as well as being true to yourself, is key. Everyone reacts differently to authority, so find out what works best with your workers and then stick to the winning formula.”

Pan Atlantic specializes in bringing winning formulas to businesses across the USA. They are experts in tailor made marketing solutions and bring high quality customer acquisition, as well as increase a company’s brand awareness.

11 Feb

Pan Atlantic Review the Benefits of Working with New Clients

Businesses who stand still will soon stagnate. Corporate history books are littered with tales of business who were huge in their day, but are no longer with us. In many cases, it’s because they rested on their laurels instead of creating innovative new ideas and finding new customers. Here, Pan Atlantic review the benefits that can come from working with new clients.

“In business every day is as important as the last, so it’s important to keep things fresh”, said Justin Cobb, director of Pan Atlantic. “That’s why working with new clients is so exciting and rewarding. Every business has their own ideas, and their own way of doing things, so it’s true to say that we learn something new on every project that we undertake.”

To create a successful advertising campaign, both the business client and marketing company have to be working in complete harmony. The initial stages of contact are among the most important. Developing a positive, friendly and mutually beneficial relationship can go a long way in helping the new campaign be a hit. The aims of the campaign must be clearly defined, and then reporting procedures established so that the client can see how the campaign is progressing. A good marketing company will always want their client to take an active interest in the campaign, and be open to their input.

It’s also important that any new campaign gets off to a dynamic start. Caution will never succeed in today’s fast paced world, so innovation and adventure are the keys. There may be ups and downs with a new client, and there will always be an element of trial and error at first as both sides become accustomed to the other’s methodology, but through a determination to succeed great results will soon be achieved.

“We like to start new campaigns, and new relationships with a client, with a bang”, said Justin Cobb. “Our bespoke campaigns have a track record of producing quick results that exceed the client’s expectations. We’ve recently started working with a new client in the health sector, and already we’ve attracted over 800 new customers for them. The satisfaction this brings us makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

If you’re looking to acquire new customers, and grow your brand awareness, then Pan Atlantic has the expertise that you need. Whether you’re a new or returning client, their tailored campaigns will always achieve results.

03 Feb

Five Billionaires who Started in Sales (Infographic)

For a lot of people, sales isn’t considered the most glamorous or rewarding of jobs. The business of sales may be a tough and high pressure environment. However, it has acted as the training ground for many of the world’s most famous and successful people. The lessons they learned during their time in sales set them up for a successful future in business. Many of those people have gone on to become millionaires or even billionaires. Here at Pan Atlantic, we take a look at five billionaires who started their successful careers as salespeople. Read more »