15 May

Pan Atlantic Attend Annual Awards Ceremony in the Royal Albert Hall of London

Spring and summer time are always jam-packed full of events for Pan Atlantic and CEO Justin Cobb, and his social calendar is always found bursting with scheduled networking events, client meetings, family and friends get-togethers and most importantly, the annual industry awards ceremony held in the heart of London. Once again Justin flew to London to attend this iconic event in the industry and congratulate his business partners and their teams on the recognition of their results and hard work.

Held at the infamous and prestigious Royal Albert Hall, with an impressive indoor fire display, a technical light show and a room dressed to the nines, this year’s awards ceremony tops the previous. Our CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic says “Our events team planned the whole thing and truly outdid themselves, the evening was a true representation of how far our organisation has come and what we can achieve now.”

With multiple guest speakers in attendance, including Justin Cobb himself, the winners of this year’s awards were spoilt for rewards as they had the fantastic opportunity to network with the speakers throughout the event and afterwards during the three-hour cocktail reception. “Once a year we award hard working individuals who are going through their initial training and working their way towards promotion. And only at this event can they stand on stage and accept awards from the Vice Presidents in our organisation, because of this the event is a very special occasion for all in attendance and this is why so much detail goes into the planning, and the presentation” explains Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic.

14 Apr

Pan Atlantic Explain Why Investing In People Will Create A Positive Return

Life is a full circle, and everything gets returned. Besides being used mostly in philosophic or spiritual practices, this motto is true in reality in the most basic form, for example, how we help others in life, will determine how others treat us back. So CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic uses this motto in business, and he believes that it works the same whether it’s colleagues, clients, customers or investors, etc.

CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic has been personally training and developing business owners and entrepreneurs for most of his career, and he says, “most people assume that businesses grow by investing more money into an already existing one. However, I believe that people are the number one cause of growth and success of any company.” In this world, sadly, people are so quick to strip others of their confidence and doubt their abilities, plans and ideas, universally we all recognize this, so what are the most valuable things a mentor can give to his students? People need faith, encouragement, and trust to thrive. For any CEO who invests in his workers in the same way, rather than only invest in the business, he will see the return on investment, as the cycle completes and those people later return skills, dedication, and loyalty to the company, which ultimately helps it to grow.

Everything we say and do determines what’s going to happen to us in the future, and it is the basic understanding of how the law of cause and effect works. So a good question to ask yourself would be, what do you want your future to look like? What kind of person would you like to be? How do you want people to treat you in your job? By recognizing this early on, you will come to understand that you need to be putting in positive actions that will, in turn, create positive reactions in the future.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

15 Mar

Pan Atlantic CEO Closes Speaking Event In Chicago


Public speaking is top amongst Justin’s fortes, as a practiced speaker, CEO Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic takes these opportunities to make a memorable and educated impact on those in the audience. Recently, Justin Cobb traveled to Chicago to speak at a two day conference held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel.

Business partners of Justin Cobb’s traveled from all over the USA to attend the two-day event, consisting of seminars, lunchens and a formal drinks reception at the exclusive Fountainview & Chi East; non stop networking for everybody. “As always, it was a pleasure to speak in front of those who are not only business partners but also dear friends of mine. Working together, we have built something significant, and without them, we wouldn’t have these events, these seminars are about them, and organized primarily to give them the continued guidance and inspiration to go on and continue to succeed” explains Justin. Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic makes sure to share his time amongst everybody in attendance, as he moves around the room speaking to his many many business partners. Justin is considered to be a compassionate leader, who honors his word and puts one hundred percent into everything he does.

As the year has gotten underway and the pace has been set, Justin Cobb will be attending many more seminars and conferences like these throughout the year ahead. Having already spoken to crowds in the likes of New York, Chicago and London, as always we look forward to seeing where in the world his knack for public speaking will take him next.


15 Feb

Pan Atlantic Shares 3 Strategies to Remain On Top Of Your Game


John Lennon had said, “It’s fear of the unknown. The unknown is what it is. And to be frightened of it is what sends everybody scurrying around chasing dreams, illusions, wars, peace, love, hate, all that-it’s all illusion. Unknown is what it is. Accept that it’s unknown and it’s plain sailing. Everything is unknown-then you’re ahead of the game. That’s what it is. Right?” For Pan Atlantic, we make it our goal to stay ahead and on top of our game. Leaders cannot be leaders if they are always behind. “Initially, success and results come from starting strong, staying focused and consistent,” says Justin Cobb, Managing Director of Pan Atlantic. We’ve done our research and experimented to see what strategies have helped us. Pan Atlantic has narrowed down the top three methods that we believe have helped us stay on top of our game, and can work for you as well!


Put Responsibilities First


If you’re supposed to save money to buy a car for your commute, don’t waste your money on things you don’t need. When you figure out what’s important and what is not, you are able to put things into perspective. This will help you procrastinate less and keep your focus strong. “Conquer the hardest and most overwhelming tasks first and then put everything else next. Not only will you feel productive, but you’ll evidently notice the changes,” says Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic.


Understand That You’re Human and Imperfect


The business world is filled with different tools and variables. Nothing is the same and most times the strategies implemented are trial and error. If you have been trying really hard to stay on top, but haven’t seen results, you can learn from what’s not working. Each mistake counts because it leads you closer to seeing what works. Analyze your error and figure out what to do next and better.


Be Realistic


Human beings aren’t built like robots. We’re filled with emotional, personal and other needs. If you overwork yourself, as though you are a robot, you will burn out rather than a candle. Know the limit between healthy and not healthy. If you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe. Back up and put your health first. Pressure is a strong factor that leads to burning out. Success takes time and a balance, understand that.

15 Jan

Pan Atlantic Shares 3 Mindsets To Challenge & Improve Your Lifestyle

“Think about it, most individuals have the tendency to stay away from any sort of change. If you try to go further and beyond your fears, you will notice that there’s some element of confidence behind fear,” says Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic. Changes have the ability to make you stronger and learn new things. We fear changes because we don’t want to feel the fear that makes us believe we’ll be inadequate. This is why we don’t take the step to venture out. “But, what about if we tried to understand and talk ourselves into pushing towards what scares you? Think about the possibilities and experiences you will encounter once you push past that comfort zone,” notes Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic. This step doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work for individuals to be able to set their mind up for this type of action.

At Pan Atlantic, we value the notion of discomfort. This is where our greatest potential and growth will derive from. Our representatives strive to make sure they are challenged every single day. “It’s in the factor of discomfort that we will find our way into growing. We’ve accumulated 3 mindsets that you can try out to see if you’re able to push past your fears and go beyond the comfort zone. Not only will this help you learn about yourself, but we are sure you will grow in many aspects personally and professionally,” mentions Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic.

Challenge & Try New Things

Sure, you may have certain way of doing things. You might take the same route to work or get the same coffee in the morning. Just because you do these things doesn’t mean they are wrong, but what about if you tried something new? Maybe took a new route to work out of curiosity or tried a new type of beverage for your mornings? By experimenting and challenging what you know, you’ve already started to learn more about yourself and have done some innovating.

Trust Realistic Concepts

This is a way to combat fear. Tell yourself that even if you didn’t like the new route you took, you’ll try something else tomorrow because the sun will rise again the next day. Each day you’re presented with real opportunities. For example, the past is in the past, people make mistakes, negativity is bad for health, the sun will come up tomorrow. These are things that should help you understand that even if you get out of your zone to try something new and didn’t like, it’s not the end of the world.

Question Everything

By having questions and curiosity, you will better your knowledge and develop critical thinking skills. “What can I do better to make sure I get more progress? “What should I do today that’s different than yesterday? Questioning helps you grow more than you can ever imagine. This is what will help your mindset change and make yourself stronger as well,” says Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic.

22 Dec

Pan Atlantic Helps With Encouraging Productivity Post Christmas Holidays

The first day back to work after the Christmas period is sometimes expected to be a gloomy one, as many have fallen deep into a food coma and have been switched off for more than a few days, so the return to the office can be testing. Now, we appreciate that it isn’t even Christmas yet, and we sound a little premature discussing the new year, but a little forward thinking is never a crime, and for a busy business owner, father, and husband, planning ahead is vital for CEO of Pan Atlantic, Justin Cobb’s world. So don’t think we’re wishing the holidays away, but think of it as a lesson learned now, instead of when your neck deep in the new year noise.

So, bosses, team leaders, and role models listen up, here’s what Justin Cobb of New York Marketing firm, Pan Atlantic suggests that you do in order to tackle the first day back.

A Warm Welcome

Schedule in a little staff meeting before the day starts, the first part of the morning should be about welcoming work-family home. CEO Justin Cobb says it’s critical that your team take the time to work on their professional relationships with one another, it’s important that everybody shares their holiday news and tells us all about their Christmas festivities. But keep it short and make sure the conversation doesn’t go astray or lose all focus and wind up taking longer than it needs. Afterward, the momentum and the working day should continue to run the same as any other.

New Year, New You

In the spirit of everything new, you should keep a similar theme in the office, as the last thing you want to happen is your team feeling like after the holidays, that they are returning to the ‘same old same old.’ So set new challenges for them, new incentives and make improvements where needed. This will influence positive change, promote progression and build satisfaction.

Power hour

Ever felt sluggish the first day back at work? The first day back may be a little harder due to the later nights, and the later starts some are used to having over the Christmas holidays. Having gotten accustomed to being at home, your team might slow down towards the end of the day. Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic appreciates that this happens, he suggests using the team’s urgency to finish to theirs and your advantage. Set a Power Hour challenge and challenge your team to meet their target within the hour so that in return they can finish an hour earlier for this one day.

Encouraging momentum is vital on the first day after the holidays, having a productive day will set the pace for the rest of the working week, by achieving goals and feeling motivated, your team will carry out the remainder of the week with the same mindset. Your team are valuable, and if shown how much, they’ll feel like winners on their first day back after Christmas.

15 Nov

Pan Atlantic On The Do’s Of Christmas For Company Directors


Christmas is a time of giving back, a time at the end of every year where rewards are given to show appreciation and concern for others around you. This doesn’t have to start outside of the workplace, as most of us are probably already planning our company Christmas party, usually put on and paid for by grateful management. Managing director Justin Cobb of innovative, NYC-based marketing firm Pan Atlantic shares with us his idea of how to do Christmas the right way, as the director of a successful business, and the leader of his team.

Company director’s shoes are large ones to fill anyway, so come Christmas you cannot afford to trip up and be caught acting like a scrooge. At the end of every year, you’re popularity in the office, and your rating as a director is judged pretty much on the scale of the Christmas festivities that you throw. Most decisions you have made for the company up until this point are basically void, and nothing else is as important as how much effort you put into the company Christmas party. Managing director Justin Cobb  of Pan Atlantic says “If you are a director of a company which is still very successful by the end of the business year, then the fact is your dedicated team are the very reason why. Going small at Christmas will deem you as stingy, ungrateful and greedy, none of which will excite your team to come back to work for you in the new year. You should show your appreciation by giving the team a Christmas party to remember, treat them to an impressive venue and go all out on the champers. This is your one day to say thank you for the other 364 days they dedicate to being your employees.”

Before the Christmas break, you should indeed hold an opportunity meeting with your team; these sessions give you the chance to reflect on the past year and project the company growth plans for the next one. “Opportunity meetings are a regular procedure here at Pan Atlantic, however at Christmas, the volume should be turned up and building anticipation and momentum is at the heart of these meetings. Motivating the team by sharing big plans with them and setting individual goals will influence their direction and give them a reason to look forward to getting back to work after the Christmas break.” Explains managing director Justin Cobb  of Pan Atlantic, “goals influence focus and focus equals results.”

Lastly, when it comes to doing Christmas the right way in the shoes of a company director, Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic strongly suggests setting Christmas bonuses and incentives. Not only will this increase motivation in the run-up to Christmas and resulting in higher performance from your team, but you are also showing your generosity and encouraging a fun company culture at a time of giving.


15 Oct

Pan Atlantic Look At Techniques Used To Increase Learning Speed


Although everyone learns at a different pace, there are times when even those who seem to grasp new concepts quickly are just not catching on as usual. The direct marketing industry is continuously developing, and Pan Atlantic understands precisely how crucial it is to keep well informed of contemporary marketing trends. Managing director Justin Cobb encourages his group of marketing experts to maintain that student mentality and absorb new information just like a sponge.

“One of the things that come to mind is the way in which many of us study. With the all the advances in technology, few students write notes by hand anymore, and that is a huge mistake. I train everybody the following habits to increase their ability to learn faster” explains managing director Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic.

Exercise Your Brain – anyway in which you can exercise your brain will help you learn at a faster rate. It’s like training for a fun run, the more you exercise, the faster and stronger you become and the further you will get in the race.

Take Notes – There is something in the mind-body connection that helps us remember what we are writing that just isn’t there when typing. Also, writing is slower and takes more concentration which could also be an important component, as when we practice a task, we absorb the actions we take much better.

Get Hands-on Experience – “Immerse yourself in the learning experience, engage and practice the topic you are learning. For example, I train my group to immediately practice their product knowledge toward a live audience in a real-life situation, that way they perfect their pitch much quicker” Justin Cobb explains.

No matter what industry you are in, it is always a learning process, and the moment you stop learning is the moment your business stops growing. Managing director Justin Cobb and the group at Pan Atlantic make it a habit within their company culture to learn at least one new fact a day.

18 Sep

Pan Atlantic Look At Building A Team To Contend With


Justin Cobb has been recruiting for his companies for several years now, and he is confident in putting together teams who are a force to reckon with. Managing director, Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic knows exactly the type of candidate who jells well with his existing team members and who will represent the ethos of his company. Team matchmaker Justin Cobb shares with us his top tips to follow when building your company’s dream team.

Offer the top talent something they can’t get on a pay cheque

Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic advises, that whilst discussing monetary compensation is very important during the interview process, you should make a conscious effort to discuss in detail just how valuable the experience the role your offering will be and how much it will benefit the candidate. Actively find out what other elements of a job matter to them, i.e. development of a certain skill or progression. Be sure to tell them how the role can give them the experience they are looking for, or perhaps they will have free reign on projects that would normally have restrictions at other companies, or they will be able to spearhead a unique project that is a first for their career? Whatever it is that you can give them that is truly unique to your organization, make that point abundantly clear during the recruiting process.

Understand that their background may make them more knowledgeable than you and that that’s okay.

As an entrepreneur who trained and developed his team from the ground up, Pan Atlantic’s managing director Justin Cobb says he welcomes individuals who may have more experience than him in some areas, he does not see them as a potential threat, but encourages them to flourish with his company and meet their maximum potential. Pan Atlantics managing director Justin Cobb thinks it is necessary to remember that your team are bringing a knowledge-set with them that likely predates your organization. Therefore, you should embrace the fact that they may have a background in something you do not have. When you start thinking of new employees as true assets to the growth of your company, you will be amazed at the amount of talent you can attract.

14 May

Justin Cobb Visits London For A Weekend Of Networking


Once again the United Kingdom is calling MD of Pan Atlantic’s name, having already visited the country a few times this year so far, Justin Cobb will attend the spring gala in the heart of London. Joining good friends and also business partners, Justin Cobb fly’s over from New York to attend exclusive industry event as guest speaker. For some business owners, constant business travel can seem time-consuming or a hassle, however having a real passion for what he does, means Justin Cobb only ever gets excited about traveling, even now, ten years into his career.

Held in the heart of London, industry experts will gather together at a 5-star venue and network amongst one another in their best dress. With the chance to win an Audi and a Bentley, the event has doubled in size since last year. With professionals traveling from Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff for the event, and joined by international friends and business partners who are flying in from destinations such as New York and Miami. Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic will embark on the 8-hour flight from NYC to speak in front of, influence, inspire and make a lasting impact to all in attendance.

These industry events give Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic the chance to stand on stage in front of hundreds of professionals whom he has had the pleasure of coaching, and speak about his experiences, their achievements in the industry and the goals they are reaching for going forward. When sharing his knowledge and passion with his business partners and those whom he mentors in the industry, Justin makes sure he is always promoting a positive, enthusiastic and committed work ethic because this can only stand them and their businesses in good stead, so it is vital that he passes on the same characteristics down to his mentees.

Justin Cobb invites his business partners to bring their company’s highest achievers with them, and grace them with the opportunity to enjoy and take part in the exclusive activities that in most industry’s only the managers and directors attend. Justin Cobb of Pan Atlantic believes that when it comes to exclusive industry events, it is crucial to involve those key players who have made a significant addition to the growth and progress of the direct marketing industry over the past year.